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Monday May 20th

SFB votes on base budgets for CUB, SG

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By Eric Preisler
Staff Writer

The 2018-2019 base budgets for the College Union Board, Student Government and Sports Club Council were voted on at the Student Finance Board meeting on April 25.

SFB partially funded CUB, which requested $825,117 for its base budget.

However, SG tabled CUB’s requests, wanting further detail and justification about various costs. These costs would cover events such as bus trips, Nooners, Silent Disco, Late Nighters, Funival and fall and spring comedy shows, lectures and concerts.

SFB partially funded SG’s base budget while tabling the national membership fee and T-shirt swaps. SG’s funds would cover costs for publicity, office supplies, insurance for Spirit Week, a volleyball tournament, field games, rally towels, the Blue and Gold ceremony, the SG retreat, the upcoming Epcot-inspired cultural expo and legal fees. SG later voted to table its budget.

SFB partially funds SG’s 2018-2019 base budget. (Meagan McDowell / Photo Editor)

SFB voted to make revisions on their expanded base budgeting agreements with both CUB and SG. It was voted that memos, which are used to move allocated funds to cover different costs within an event, must be approved by SFB even for allocation below 40 percent of budgeted lines.

These votes were made after CUB wanted notes to be only submitted, instead of signed, for allocations below 40 percent of budgeted lines.

SFB believes these changes in the expanded base budgeting agreements will make it easier to keep track of various allocations an organization wishes to change.

SFB fully funded the Sports Club Advisory Council $125,000 to cover expenses for 22 club sports, soon to be 23 with the addition of men’s club basketball.

A four-person student committee from the Sport Club Advisory Council decided how much to request based on its budget proposal.

“The decisions were made based on what was thought essential for the ability of the clubs to function on a day to day basis,” the proposal stated.

This budget will help to cover the sports clubs’ total expenses, which total $365,229.31 for the 2018-2019 academic year.

The Intramural Sports Club was also fully funded $44,057 for its operating budget. The operating budget is intended to cover the costs of paying student employees and purchase equipment.

The majority of the costs cover the payroll for TCNJ EMS and officials who oversee intramural games. Other costs cover National Intramural Association membership fees, Grit ‘N Wit fees, golf league fees and equipment fees.


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