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Monday May 20th

SFB elects new representative

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By Garrett Cecere
Staff Writer

The Student Finance Board fully funded two clubs and elected a new member on Nov. 28.

The TCNJ Asian American Association received $11,273 to host Steven Lim from Buzzfeed’s “Worth It” section.

According to the club’s proposal, Lim will be engaging the campus in a conversation on Asian-American identity and representation.

“Steven has given some of these talks at other colleges and universities,” said Ranen Liu, a junior computer engineering major and president of the AAA.

The club has held similar events in the past, including a presentation in 2014 by Dante Basco, a voice actor from “Avatar: The Last Airbender.”

Co-sponsors of the event include the Japanese Student Association and Korean Student Association, who will help with publicity.

The date, time and location of the event are to be determined. Expenses will go toward the speaker’s fee, travel and lodging, technology staff, police/security and hospitality for the speaker.

Sigma Lambda Gamma is fully funded for its annual retreat (Miguel Gonzalez / News Editor).

Sigma Lambda Gamma National Sorority, Inc., was funded $553 to hold its annual winter retreat in Long Pond, Pennsylvania, near Camelback Mountain.

The three-day retreat will consist of bonding and planning for activities in the upcoming semester. This will be the first time the sorority has held a winter retreat off-campus.

The trip will be from Jan. 14 to 16. SFB will cover lodging expenses.

At the end of the meeting, SFB elected Rishi Konkesa, a sophomore economics major also in the seven-year medical program, to be its new representative at-large after the previous representative resigned. The representative at-large serves as an liaison for student organizations and votes during SFB’s general body meetings.


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