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Monday May 20th

SFB funds club trips, musical production

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By Erin Flanagan
Staff Writer

The board hears BSU’s proposal for its annual event (Miguel Gonzalez / Photo Editor).

The Student Finance Board fully funded four events, partially funded two more and withheld funding for another at its meeting on Feb. 13.

The TCNJ Italian Club and the French Club proposed funds for their respective field trips. The Italian Club is planning to visit Eataly, an Italian marketplace, in New York City and the French Club hopes to make a trip to the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

SFB fully funded both trips on the basis that both will be opened up to the entire campus community. The Italian Club received $1,360 and the French Club received $1,206.10.

Anisa Douglass, a junior early childhood education and psychology dual major, represented the Black Student Union and proposed two events to the board, one being the “BSU Spring Fashion Show,” which it had also presented last week. In the previous meeting, SFB had tabled funding the designers for the event until it had received further justification for the amount of money needed.

BSU reduced the overall cost of the designers for the event and provided the explanations that the board requested. After some debate, SFB fully funded the fashion show for $7,684.34.

BSU also proposed its annual “Black Excellence Ball” event, which will celebrate the end of Black History Month. The board partially funded this event, giving $2,208.97 and made the motion to table the decorations due to high pricing.

Douglass also presented for Beta Phi Zeta. She requested funds for its Empowerment Summit. According to the proposal, the event’s workshops will help students build self-confidence and grow into better leaders.

The event received partial funding at $1,752.20 due to the fact that SFB had to table the request for compensation for one speaker.

They requested that the organization find out whether this woman would be working at the school at the time of the event, since employees of the College cannot receive extra compensation for speaking at events.

The board unanimously funded TCNJ Musical Theatre’s production of “Into the Woods” with $33,352.50.

“Having this money is pivotal in order to showcase all the talent our organization has both onstage and offstage,” said Alex Hanneman, a junior chemistry major and one of the presenters for TMT’s proposal. “‘Into the Woods’ is one of the biggest shows that we have taken on here at TCNJ and to say that we are fully funded is exceptional.”

SFB zero-funded TCNJam’s annual dance marathon and fundraiser for The Andrew McDonough B+ Foundation.

In previous years, TCNJam has been funded by the inter-Greek council, which received funding from SFB. However, the board has also decided to zero-fund the event in the past because the board does not fund what qualifies as a charity event.

After much debate, it was decided that the event went against SFB’s bylaws because it would be indirectly funding the B+ Foundation and SFB cannot fund any event that sponsors another organization.


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