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Wednesday December 1st

Campus Police find student vomiting in toilet

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By Raquel Sosa-Sanchez

Intoxicated student vomits in toilet

On March 6 at approximately 1:52 a.m., Campus Police was dispatched to Townhouses East on a report of an intoxicated female. Upon arrival, officers were met by a student and resident who escorted them to the second-floor bathroom.

Campus Police met with the female student, whom they observed to be conscious and alert. She appeared to be kneeling and vomiting into a toilet.

Campus Police proceeded to question the student on how much alcohol she had consumed. The student stated she had consumed several mixed drinks at an off-campus party.

At approximately 2 a.m., TCNJ Emergency Medical Services arrived on the scene and proceeded to evaluate the student. Professional Staff arrived shortly after to further evaluate the student.

Following evaluation by TCNJ EMS, Ewing EMS arrived on the scene to transport the student to a nearby medical facility. The student was not charged or issued a summons as a result of the New Jersey 911 Lifeline Legislation Act amnesty policy and her cooperation with TCNJ EMS and Campus Police.

Harassment on gaming website concerns student

On March 7 at approximately 3:39 p.m., a female student met with Campus Police to file a report of harassment.

The victim had told officers that she became involved in an online gaming website called Steam Gaming Platform two months ago. According to the report, she said that over the last few weeks, she had been receiving messages from another game player that were concerning to her and what she believed to be harassive in nature.

She stated that the messages said phrases such as, “you are a compulsive liar,” “you belong to a site/network full of people to harass me” and “you belong to a GoFundMe to get money.” She stated that she had decided to delete the harasser from the game, to which he responded by telling her, “if you block me or don’t respond to my messages, I will kill myself.”

The student then proceeded to block him from the gaming website. The student was unable to provide Campus Police with a record of the alleged messages because they had allegedly been deleted from the website.

The student stated that she had started visiting a different gaming website and began to receive similar harassing messages. She told Campus Police that she believes that this is the same individual from the previous gaming website.

One message she had received read, “I know your mom and dad’s name, home address and that you are a student at the College of New Jersey.” He then again proceeded to send her a message saying, “I will kill myself.” She was able to provide a copy of these messages.

The student was advised not to sign into any other gaming sites for the time being. She was also advised to contact Campus Police if she received any other messages of this nature.

Theft occurs without resolution

On March 13 at approximately 7:40 p.m., Campus Police met with a student on account of a theft report. The student believed that her wallet was stolen, though neither the student nor Campus Police are sure of whether it was stolen in the two locations the student visited –– the Library Cafe or Forcina Hall.

She advised that at approximately 4 p.m., she arrived at the Library Cafe, where she purchased food with her wallet. She then sat down at the cafe and ate her food for approximately 30 minutes. The student then proceeded to walk to Forcina Hall.

She advised that she was in a room in Forcina Hall for approximately two hours and left only to use the restroom for approximately 10 minutes. The student stated that the wallet was a phone wallet that is typically attached to the back of her phone. She advised that it contained her student ID, a driver’s license and a bank debit card. She was advised by Campus Police to cancel the debit card immediately.

The student told Campus Police that she had checked with the library’s circulation desk, as well as the cafe. She said that she had already retraced her steps prior to reporting the theft.

Campus Police was unable to find evidence of theft after viewing security footage from the library and Library Cafe. The student was advised to contact Campus Police if she recovered any of the stolen items.


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