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Monday December 6th

Campus Police investigate reports of stolen items

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By Raquel Sosa-Sanchez

Student hears suspicious banging on residence doors

On March 29 at approximately 10:11 p.m., Campus Police was dispatched to Townhouses South on a report of harassment.

The individual and resident contacted Campus Police and stated someone was banging loudly on her first-floor residence window facing toward the woods. She was unable to see who was banging on her door, nor could she provide a description of the suspect during the phone call.

Campus police arrived on the scene at approximately 10:12 p.m. and searched the immediate area with negative results. At this time, officers advised the student and dispatch that a search of the area be conducted, but it yielded no suspicious activity.

The student then stated to police that she was watching a movie when she heard a loud banging on her side window next to her bed and again on the rear window facing the woods. She stated that she felt frightened and immediately contacted Campus Police.

The student was then informed that systematic patrols of the area would be conducted throughout the evening of the immediate area. She was also advised to contact the department immediately if she needed the services of the Campus Police.

Faculty member reports stolen briefcase

On March 28 at approximately 7:30 a.m., a faculty member reported that he believed someone had stolen his briefcase from Room 101 of Forcina Hall.

The faculty member said that he was teaching a class on March 25 and brought his class to take photos at the Brower Student Center at approximately 2 p.m., leaving his briefcase unattended in Forcina Hall. At approximately 6:30 a.m. on March 26, he realized the briefcase was missing.

He described the briefcase as a black computer-sized bag containing various work papers and a small plastic container containing three flash-drives. No confidential information was reported to be on the flash drives or paperwork. The faculty member stated the total value to be $60.

Student reports stolen iPhone

On March 26 at approximately midnight, Campus Police was contacted in regards to a student’s cell phone being stolen from the Fitness Center in Campus Town.

He stated he was in the Fitness Center between 10:45 p.m. and 11 p.m. The student said he walked away and left the cell phone on the stretching mats inside the Fitness Center. When he came back, his cell phone was missing. He tried to track his cell phone by calling it, but the phone went right to voicemail.

The student described his cellphone as a silver iPhone 10 with a clear case. The phone is valued at approximately $1,000.

Campus Police took down the serial number of the phone and proceeded to advise the student to contact them if there was any update on the case.

Reports of stolen property on the rise

On March 25 at approximately 11 p.m., Campus Police was dispatched to Centennial Hall to meet with a student on account of theft.

The student stated he went to Insomnia Cookies in Campus Town at approximately 8:30 p.m. and used cash in his wallet to pay. He then proceeded to the Fitness Center in Campus Town and was there between 9 p.m. and 10 p.m.

After he was done working out, he proceeded to 7-Eleven with his friend when he noticed cash was missing from his wallet. He stated that approximately $30 to $40 would have been stolen.

The individual stated he left his wallet in a cubby hole inside the Fitness Center. Campus Police reported there are no cameras facing the cubby hole in the Fitness Center. As a result, there was no security footage of the alleged incident.

Campus Police stressed that students should not leave any valuable personal property without properly securing it. According to Campus Police, there has been an uptick of theft in large part due to students leaving their property unattended and/or without a lock. They urge students to purchase locks and keep a more “watchful eye” on their personal property.

Locker Break-in in STEM Building

On March 24 at approximately 9:15 a.m., Campus Police met with a student and faculty member in the STEM Building on behalf of a report of theft.

Upon arrival, officers met with the student and College professor who advised that they keep their materials in three lockers in the STEM Building. According to their account, the student opened the locker closet when she noticed that multiple items in the closet were missing. She also claimed that the lock on the locker was bent and broken.

The student advised when she last met in STEM on March 6, everything had been secured inside of her locker. She also advised that only she had the keys allowing access to the locker.

While examining the locker, Campus Police observed the lock, which was located on the interior of the locker door, had been broken and needed to be replaced.

Campus Police advised professional staff to create a work order for the locker and to contact Access Control to obtain a stronger lock for the lockers.

A few of the items missing included black electrical cords in a black trash bag, fanny packs embroidered with “Hack TCNJ 2019” in a cardboard box, custom water bottles in a cardboard box labeled with the same embroidery and a bag of Reese’s and Twix candy.

Students drunk in freshman dorm

On March 15 at approximately 1:07 a.m., Campus Police was dispatched to Travers Hall on account of a potentially intoxicated student.

Upon arrival, Campus Police met with two community advisors who directed police to the intoxicated student. The male student immediately stated that he had vomited and admitted to drinking three shots of raspberry Svedka vodka.

The student had vomit on his legs and he had an odor of alcohol emanating from his breath, according to Campus Police. They observed the student having trouble keeping his balance and slurring his words.

At this time, another individual approached the officers. The individual proceeded to talk to the officers and denied consumption of any alcoholic beverages. Officers observed that the young man could not keep himself balanced and began to slur his words.

Campus Police then performed a field sobriety test on the second individual, which he failed. He then stated that he believed he did not have “that much” to drink. Both individuals were confirmed by dispatch as students of the College and TCNJ Emergency Medical Services was alerted.

TCNJ EMS then arrived on scene to evaluate the students. The two students were assessed and cleared to remain on campus. One of the young men proceeded to slur incoherent words and phrases that officers could not decipher.

Both students were issued a summons for underage consumption and possession of alcoholic beverages.


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