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Wednesday September 27th

The Chip: Eickchella 2019 Recap

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By Tony Peroni and Vinny Cooper

This past weekend, the College’s grounds were taken over by the yearly festival known as Eickchella, where hundreds of thousands of students come out for the experience of a lifetime. This year’s festival was no different.

The Sodexo team really outdid themselves this year and put together one of the best Eickchella lineups in history, with huge name headliners like Berries, Big Larry and even Cornbread. Don’t let these big names distract from the undercard acts though. There were plenty of hidden gems in that lineup like My Zone and Middle Schoolers for Some Reason. All in all, the festival was a sight to see, and had some unforgettable moments. Here is your recap of Eickchella 2019.

Friday Recap: The festival kicked off with an exciting assortment of acts. In the morning, we went to see People Who Don’t Know What They Want at The Sandwich Line and were treated with a surprisingly stunning performance from one of the festival’s smaller acts. The group performed songs such as “Do You Have Fresh Wheat?” and “Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Just Ham and Mayo.”

After that, the tough decision of seeing The Chainsmokers or Someone Spilling Coffee on You had to be made, but we ultimately decided to split our time between both sets. The first half of Someone Spilling Coffee on You was definitely an experience as the crowd was soaked with hot Eick coffee. We arrived to The Chainsmokers set just in time to hear “Closer” performed four times consecutively.

Some choice acts such as All of Your Tinder Matches and Salmon followed, but the real highlight of the day was Berries. Crowds swarmed like flies just to get the chance to taste some of those sweet, out of season, week old Sodexo raspberries and strawberries.

Saturday Recap: The undercards on Saturday were a little lackluster, but People Struggling to Take Out Their IDs definitely stood out. The avant-garde group put on a thirty-minute silent set featuring various performers pulling things such as driver’s licenses, Dunkin Donuts gift cards and even credit cards before finally finding their school IDs in their wallets.

Other acts such as Another Random High School Visiting, “Paella” Night and Cereal That Comes Out Too Fast filled the time while waiting for headliner, Big Larry, to perform. Big Larry looked larger than life on the Main Stage of Eickchella and had the crowd going absolutely insane after walking out and simply saying “How are you?” before leaving the stage. The performance will surely be remembered as one of, if not the greatest, moment in Eickchella history.

Sunday Recap: The final day of the festival held some of the weekend’s best performances, with acts like The Dessert Case That No One Will Get Anything From, Spilling Milk From Your Cereal Bowl, and Culturally Incorrect Foods putting on some truly stunning performances. One of my favorite performances of the day came from The Football Table, a talented group of guys who spent their 45-minute set trying to decide what the best episode of Blue Mountain State was. The weekend capped off with headliner, Cornbread, which brought the whole festival crowd together to enjoy the rare Sodexo favorite.

Eickchella remains one of the best festivals in the world and it creates a vibe unlike anything else. The festival once again brought people of all kinds together all to enjoy the one thing this world loves most — Eickhoff Hall.


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