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Sunday December 5th

Heat, overcrowding makes summer overrated

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By Richard Miller
Opinions Editor

As we approach the end of August and the back-to-school season is upon us, we see the end of what I believe to be the most overrated season of the year ?— summer. 

You may be in utter shock after reading that statement, because for years, we have been taught that our reward for surviving the soul-crushing bleakness of winter is that brief sliver of summer happiness that is brought to our cruel and brutal lives. I started to realize that all of the other seasons may be better only because they don't promise to be magical, and that summer is more hyped than anything else. 

It was not until this past summer that I had my epiphany. I was overworked, over-tired and wiping sweat from the forehead when I thought, “no part of this is fun.” Summer may be fun as a child, but for a college student, it is the worst. 

Now, full disclosure, I live in the southernmost part of New Jersey and the majority of our yearly commerce and general economy stems from our beaches and boardwalks that create the iconic summer atmosphere. Due to this, you will find most of the locals of the area on their busiest hustle and bustle of the year. 

With my new found discovery, I was determined not to be the only one who felt this way, so I did an investigation to find out. Along the way, I found that I was not alone and have compiled a list of the most popular summer complaints. Summer is the worst for college students.

The first and most popular answer by far was the heat. This summer heat is something that some long for especially in the cold depths of winter. But for most, it becomes something to dread. The intense summer heat can cause a myriad of issues such as sunburn, nausea and heatstroke. 

However, far and wide, I found that most college students hate summer because it rips them away from the new community they have formed. My friend described it as “making the best of friends and adjusting to this new lifestyle, just to be taken away from it for three months.” Students go from living their own independent lives to back into their hometown, away from this newfound life they’ve crafted for themselves. 

Hopefully, I’ve busted the myth that summer is the best season of all time, and now we can get excited about the upcoming autumn. 


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