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Wednesday September 28th

MONEY Magazine ranks College's value

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By Kalli Colacino
Social Media Editor

Among the annual college rankings, it’s not uncommon to see the College’s name stand out. 

In MONEY Magazine’s recent “Best Colleges for Your Money” rankings, which was published on Aug. 12, the College ranked 48th overall in the nation for colleges with the best value.

The ranking marks an improvement for the College, which had placed 94th in the nation for the same findings three years ago.

The College places 48th out of the top 744 schools in the nation (Photo courtesy of

“TCNJ has always been committed to delivering an exceptionally high-quality education and it’s gratifying to see the hard work of the college community reflected in MONEY,” said Luke Sacks, the College’s head media relations officer.

The “Best Colleges for Your Money” rankings serve as a helpful tool to assist families in their college search, according to MONEY. In order to be considered for the ranking, a college must have at least 500 students, not be in financial distress, have sufficient data to be analyzed and obtain a graduation rate at or above the median for its institutional category, public or private. Using this criterion, MONEY determined that 744 schools met the requirements.

These rankings combine the most accurate pricing estimates available with indicators of alumni financial success, along with a distinct analysis of how much value a college adds when compared to other schools that take in similar students, according to MONEY.

MONEY utilizes three main categories to rank the colleges — quality of education, affordability and outcomes after graduating. 

“TCNJ delivers an education and outcomes that are on par with the elite private colleges, but without the high sticker price,” Sacks said.

MONEY estimates a college’s ‘value-added’ by calculating its performance on important measures such as graduation rates, student loan repayment and default rates and post-graduation earnings, after adjusting for the types of students it admits. MONEY believes this analysis gives students and parents a much better indication of which colleges will provide real value for their tuition dollars.

The College, according to MONEY’s analysis, has a 12 percent higher graduation rate compared to schools with similar student bodies.

In addition to the College’s high graduation rate, MONEY reported that recent graduates report an average salary of $57,200 within three years.

In MONEY magazine’s current rankings, the College ranks 32nd in the nation for “Best Public Colleges”.

“While it’s gratifying to be recognized in these rankings, TCNJ’s only focus is delivering an exceptional student experience,” Sacks said. “As long as we continue to do so, the rankings should continue to reflect those efforts.”


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