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Sunday December 5th

Annual involvement fair attracts students

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By Debra Kate Schafer
Staff Writer

The Brower Student Center hosted the College’s annual Student Involvement Fair on Aug. 28. For three hours, new and returning students alike gained more insight on the clubs, organizations and activities the College offers.

People attend the event to learn about various organizations on campus (Jennifer Somers / Photo Editor).

The event is known for sectioning off rows of tables showcasing the diverse interests of students. There were two rows of tables specifically for club sports as well as two rows of tables that were bustling with the various Greek Life organizations on campus.

Organizations such as the Planned Parenthood College Branch, The Order of the Nose-Biting Teacups and the Manhunt club had booths to represent themselves to the community as well.

Students like Camille Germo, a sophomore psychology major, saw the fair as an opportunity to discover those hidden gems.

“There are so many levels to TCNJ’s activities,” Germo said. “Yes, you have the obvious clubs that anyone can go to and join, but there are so many cool, unknown groups that are unique to this school, its students and their interests. This event allows all those great, niche clubs and organizations to be put on display for students, new and old.”

Germo was previously not aware of The Psychology Club offered on campus, dedicated to fostering a community of those interested in the subject. She met with the club members at their display table, signed up for their email list and was introduced to a group of people she may not have gotten to know if merely in class with them.

A popular organization that was drawing a lot of attention from students of all ages and grades was Her Campus, an online, international magazine based around, but not limited to, collegiate women, their lives and the world around them.

Amanda Toolan, one of the chapter’s top editors, was informing interested students that the College is in the top 10 percent of all Her Campus chapters, which is not a small feat being that there are hundreds of chapters around the country and beyond.

Sophomore public health major Maia Franco didn’t visit the Involvement Fair in her freshman year, and while she admits there is a lot to take in at once during the event — especially for her first time — she wished she had seen more of what the College offers.

“(The fair was a) perfect combination of being informative and engaging for students of all ages and all interests,” Franco said. “It is not just for freshmen, even though it is a good introduction to what is available to them and their classmates this semester.”


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