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Saturday June 15th

SFB fully funds French, Economics Clubs

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By Ian Krietzberg
Staff Writer

The Student Finance Board fully funded five organizations, partially funded one and zero funded two others at its meeting on Sept. 11 in the Brower Student Center Room 104. 

The members gather to provide money for the organizations on campus (Ian Krietzberg / Staff Writer).

The Inter-Greek Council, whose members requested $440 worth of annual dues to the National Panhellenic Council, received a full fund. The dues ensure that organizations that belong to the council receive additional leadership opportunities and education.

The French Club was fully funded $1,440 for its New York City bus trip which will be taking place on Oct. 6. Expenses will cover the bus rental. 

The club also received a full fund of $44 for its Impressionist Painting event, which will allow students to learn about famous French paintings and grant them the opportunity to try painting in that style. The event will take place on Oct. 9, with the location to be announced.

The meeting then turned to previously tabled events, beginning with the Students for Life’s trip, which had been previously tabled due gas money being used for a trip based on activism. Board members motioned fully to fund the event, with the stipulation that the gas money cannot be used for political campaigns. 

The Voice of Hope, whose alumni barbeque event was previously tabled because it was set to occur off-campus, was zero funded, as the event was determined to be automatically exclusive, since events that are not open to all students at the College are in violation of SFB guidelines and so cannot be funded. 

The STEM Educators Society was zero funded for its conference, which would take place in Delaware. The motion fully to fund the competition initially passed, amid general dissent, but was later vetoed, as it was determined to be a conference, which is in violation of SFB guidelines. 

The Economics Club $105 for subscriptions to a variety of news organizations, which had previously been tabled based on the fact that the resources can be accessed through the library. The board fully funded club, with the stipulation that the subscriptions must be accessible by all members of the club. 

The Mathematics and Statistics Club received $1,961.12 for its trip to the National Cryptologic Museum, which had been previously tabled due to food costs, which are generally in violation of SFB guidelines. However, at the meeting, the board agreed that it was reasonable to provide snacks, and the event was fully funded. 

The Mathematics and Statistics Club also requested funding for a larger presence at the Finals Fest, which SFB also fully funded for $850. 

Chabad requested funding for six events, a speaker, a Chanukah celebration, Sinai Love, Israel event, a Jewish gangster speaker, and its retreat, Shabbaton. Out of these, the Sinai Love event, was tabled until further information becomes available. SFB fully funded the five other events.


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