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Wednesday December 8th

Vital Signs: Soaking in vitamin D

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By Victoria Giardina

It’s now fall, and the brisk and breezy afternoons with limited sun exposure makes it much harder to get an adequate amount of vitamin D. While you may consider picking up vitamin D supplements at the grocery store, here are foods and healthy alternatives to obtain enough of the nutrient in an all-natural way. 

You may feel tempted to grab a crispy chicken wrap from the grill or a hearty sandwich from the deli, but sneaking salmon somewhere in your weekly meal planning can boost your vitamin D levels. According to Healthline, one 3.5-ounce piece contains 165 percent of the Reference Daily Intake of the vitamin.

If you don’t hae a car on campus to head to a fish market, don’t fret. Eickhoff Hall serves fresh salmon with a citrus dressing on Fridays. You can also head to nearby restaurants to order a salmon salad with quinoa for extra health benefits. 

And just because it’s time for fall doesn’t mean that the sun is away for good. In fact, the National Institute of Health advises that getting adequate sun exposure is an excellent, all-natural method for your body to form vitamin D. Check the weekly forecast, and if you see a sun icon, plan to do some of your homework assignments outdoors.It’s simple to assume fortified foods — those which don’t initially have nutrients, but later are added — aren’t the best for you. This common misconception can make some individuals vitamin D deficient. According to Medline Plus, some fortified foods include ready-to-eat cereals, milk, orange juice, certain types of yogurt and tofu.


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