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Tuesday May 30th

SFB fully-funds FMA's two-day business seminar

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By Lara Becker
Arts & Entertainment Editor

The Student Finance Board fully funded one organization at its meeting on Oct. 23 for a total cost of $6,599.60.

The single presentation came from the College’s Financial Management Association.

As an extension of the School of Business, FMA began as a guide for students to jumpstart their careers through helpful tools. 

According to the College’s website, FMA serves three main purposes — to assist students along their business journey, to provide a community to engage like-minded majors and to spotlight networking opportunities for students.

Starting on Nov. 9 at 9:30 a.m., the student organization plans to hold a two-day business seminar where students can participate in hands-on experiences alongside seasoned professional Ashish Kohli.

The seminar is titled “The Financial Modeling, Valuation and Interview Training.” 

According to the organization’s proposal, students will delve deeper into the topics they have begun to explore in their classes, such as private equity, hedge funds and asset management. 

The cost of the seminar alone would be $6,500, which would cover the needs of the instructor in terms of a hotel stay and materials for the course.

“This would give students a head start in a finance career,” FMA’s proposal stated. “The purpose of this 2-day course is to further our club objectives of spreading financial literacy and preparing interested students for professional careers in finance.”

Students would apply for this program, since the limit capacity is set at 60 students. 

FMA treasurer and junior business major Benjamin Cutler presented for the club and provided the board with many supporting documents, such as a referendum explaining the details of the seminar and a slideshow presentation. 

Cutler and his colleagues proposed costs for $6,500 for the seminar and $99.60 for pizzas for the two days.

However, questions arose from the board as to whether the food would be enough for two days and the amount of students in attendance.

Motions were proposed to table the cost of pizza until FMA estimated a more appropriate amount of funds needed for food. However, SFB ultimately fully funded the event, with an addendum stating that the organization could memo for more money if needed.  

Representative-at-large and junior economics major Rishi Konkesa agreed that the event was an “attractive, educational opportunity that is important for students.”

As business majors themselves, FMA appreciated the opportunities to be able to use their skills from the classroom out in the world. 

“It’s something that will stand out on a student’s resume without having to be from an Ivy League school,” Cutler said. 


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