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Wednesday December 8th

Vital Signs: Better skin care routines for clearing pores, acne

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By Victoria Giardina

For college students, it may be time consuming to get into a full skincare routine every morning and night. But making this a habitual part of your routine can make your skin more moisturized and prevent harmful UV rays, according to The New York Times Style Magazine. To reap the benefits of glowy and bouncy skin, skincare expert and aesthetician Jennifer Modisette has all of the tips to focus on self-care during a potentially stressful semester.

DIY Your Skincare Products

Modisette recommends an all-natural approach to beautifying yourself straight from your dorm. 

“I start the day with a light cleanse using a simple foaming cleanser, followed by a toner, then my hyaluronic acid serum and end with my coQ10 facial oil,” she said. “In the evening, I take my makeup and thoroughly cleanse with an oil cleanser, followed by a toner.” 

Modisette then uses a sun spot eraser roll and follows up with a facial oil and a lip treatment. Many do-it-yourself formulaic recipes can be found online for clear and feel-good skin.

Sleep More, Stress Less, & Hydrate Often

But it’s not just about the Persian buffet of treatments, according to Modisette. 

“College students should know that beautiful skin isn’t just about skin care – beautiful skin comes from within,” she said. 

In turn, she advises to get plenty of sleep, drink enough water and manage your stress to avoid breakouts and have a more tranquil state of mind. Modisette also advises to read skincare labels and keep your skincare regimen as natural as possible.

Clean Skin Comes from Clean Diet

In addition to practicing these self-care tactics, Modisette also recommends eating healthily. 

“Eating as natural as possible will do more good for the skin than what is applied topically,” she said. 

Modisette said college students should know that most skin issues stem from a compromised gut, food allergies and/or hormones, so the cleaner you eat, the more balanced your body will be and the better your skin will look.


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