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Wednesday December 8th

Vital Signs: Study tips for surviving end of semester

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By Victoria Giardina

Winter break is right around the corner, but finals still stand in the way of students. Here are some final study tips for a stress-free end to a bustling fall semester.


Scheduling work can lead to success on exams (Envato Elements).

It isn’t surprising that a flood of coffee-drinking college students will swarm into the library during finals season. To lessen the overwhelming feeling that this time of year may bring, forming a study group is an excellent way to add some social interaction to your study blues. According to Washington University in St. Louis, students absorb academic information better when in a collaborative environment, rather than studying alone. Luckily, the College has over 20 private study rooms in the library to take advantage of.


Making a realistic game plan can alleviate some of the stress you may be feeling. Instead of opening up your planner and seeing a never-ending list of tasks to accomplish, start by making a simple to-do list in order of importance. Trying to balance your assignments based on the earliest turnaround date and the greatest amount of work is key to a successful finish to the fall.


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