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Wednesday December 8th

Vital Signs: Tips for a mindful semester

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By Victoria Giardina

As the new semester begins, most of us are ready to take on our new schedules. But when our music is on full blast on the way to class, we fail to be fully present. We often lack appreciation for the beautiful campus we call home. And, according to a study by the Journal of Media Education, 97 percent of college students are distracted by their phones and other electronic devices.

After a winter break filled with scouring the Internet for gift ideas and binge-watching television shows, it’s safe to say that we could all use a digital detox. So, how can we kick off this semester in a mindful manner? Here are some tips to reroute your perspective for a fresh start to the semester. 

Silent Walking

Walking to class without being glued to your phone will allow you to be more receptive. To combat the constant stimulus modern technology inevitably brings, try walking hands-free and take advantage of the silence to clear your mind.

Value Friendships

With what seems like an unending influx of assignments, it’s easy to become a robot at the library. To be more intentional while getting your projects done at the same time, form a study group. Having a friend nearby will allow you to treat yourself to a much-needed study break. Slowing down and focusing on the present moment will keep you productive and fulfilled.


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