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Sunday December 5th

After surviving freshman fall, students can overcome anything

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By Reynaldo Torres Jr.

As the student body returns from a long and well-deserved winter break, students begin to readjust to their school routines once again. When we’re home for such an extended period of time, we get used to a relaxed lifestyle. No early morning alarms, no rushing from class to class and probably one of my favorite perks — no Eickoff food.

Freshman move into their dorms for the fall semester (Envato Elements).

As freshmen return to campus, we look back on the previous semester and learn from it. During the fall semester, we were in a new environment and experiencing many different things for the first time. While in this period of adjustment, we as students have made decisions that would affect our new college lifestyle. With this in mind, we should look forward to an even better semester this spring.

When we first arrived at the College, we had to familiarize ourselves with the campus. This meant trying to figure out what buildings our classes would be in and the quickest routes to get to class. During the fall semester, we already knew where these buildings were and all the “back roads” to get to each of them. Along with finding classes, students need a place to eat. For many freshmen, Eick was the only solution. Now approaching our spring semester, students have discovered the many shops in Campus Town, Traditions and the ever-popular T-Dubs.

During welcome week, we were forced to do ice breakers with our fellow classmates, and we all know how awkward that can be. Now, because of those ice breakers, we have our friends from both our residence halls and from our previous classes. In a more social aspect, the spring semester of freshman year proves to be superior to the fall semester, since we have defined friend groups.

As we attend our classes this semester, we must acknowledge that this semester will be better than the previous one. The fall semester of freshman year will be the hardest semester of our college experience. No matter how many 8 a.m. lectures we have, I think the adjustment period of our first semester on campus will prove to be the most difficult.

If things begin to get tough this semester or any semester down the road, remember one thing: “If I can get through my freshman year fall semester, I can get through this.”


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