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Thursday October 6th

Campus Police responds to drunk students

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By Colleen Rushnak
Staff Writer

Police Respond to Unconscious Student

On Feb. 5 at approximately 1:45 a.m., Campus Police were dispatched to Wolfe Hall after receiving reports of an unconscious person. 

Prior to the officers’ arrival, the Community Adviser who reported the incident had called TCNJ Dispatch and was transferred to Mercer County Central Communications for further medical advisory.

Upon arrival, the Community Advisor directed Campus Police to the unconscious person. The CA stated that she had observed the individual being carried down the hallway because he was unable to walk on his own. 

Campus Police then observed the unconscious student laying with his head and shoulders on the floor while his lower body was still on the bed. Despite attempts to wake him up, the unconscious student remained unresponsive, before eventually waking up.

There was an odor of alcoholic beverages and vomit emanating from the individual’s breath and he told officers that he drank beer. 

His roommate stated that he found the student passed out in the bathroom and another friend had to carry him back to the room. They did not actively seek assistance. 

TCNJ EMS arrived and assumed patient care. 

Campus Police respond to Intoxicated Student

On Feb. 7 at approximately 3:31 a.m., a Campus Police officer was dispatched to the third-floor bathroom of Norsworthy Hall regarding an intoxicated student. 

Upon arrival, the officer found three girls in the bathroom stall, two of which were helping the third, who appeared to be intoxicated and needed help sitting up. 

A CA on the scene said that she was alerted that the intoxicated student needed help. 

According to a witness, the intoxicated student drank an unknown amount of vodka. The individual was unresponsive. Ewing Township EMS transported the student to a medical center for treatment.

Professional Res Ed Staff were notified and arrived on the scene. The girls that were assisting the intoxicated student stated that they all went to a Sigma Pi fraternity party. 

The case fell under the College’s Amnesty policy and tickets were not issued.


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