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Wednesday December 8th

Vital Signs: College cuisine

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By Victoria Giardina

With so many papers, exams and extracurricular activities, it may seem like you have to rush to squeeze in something to eat during a 10-minute break. And you can only eat a grilled chicken salad so many days in a row. 

Meal prep does not have to consist of an extravagant buffet of fresh veggies and each food group in Tupperware. As a college student, it may be difficult to find time to cook. Here are ways to redefine meal prepping to attain a nutritious and well-varied plan for the week.

Take Advantage of Different Dining Hall Stations

Eickhoff Hall has so many healthy meal options for different eaters. Whether you’re craving Mexican food or are looking for a vegetarian meal, browse around the dining hall and take advantage of different stations. Grabbing grilled chicken from the grill, rice from the pasta corner and broccoli from the salad bar makes for a wholesome and delicious meal without the hassle of actually preparing it yourself.

Order Out What You Usually Don’t Have

It’s Friday night and you are going out to a restaurant. Instead of ordering the go-to meal that you eat before your night class, order something that you don’t typically have to switch up your diet. 

Planning a night out with friends in advance will have you thinking about different menu options than what you are used to and will allow you to meal-prep accordingly. If you typically eat mac n’ cheese in your room, a night out for some Chinese food will switch things up and add variety to your eating pattern.


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