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Sunday May 26th

SFB funds TCNJ's Got Talent

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By Elliott Nguyen

The Student Finance Board reviewed special appropriations requests from Student Government and the Indian Student Association (ISA), as well as the base budget for the Student Government Class of 2021 in their weekly meeting at 12:30 p.m. on Feb. 26 in room 110 of the Education Building. 

Student Government requested funding to host the School of Education Formal, which would be the first event of its kind and hosted by the Senators of the College’s school of Education. The event would “celebrate the achievements of education majors and all TCNJ students,” as stated in the request form. The formal would be held on March 6 in the Decker Hall Social Space.

The Indian Student Association requested funding for its “Spill the Chai” event, which “serves as an open forum for students to share their experiences and views on various different topics or issues pertinent to their lives … to speak freely and openly with the hope of uniting the campus community,” as stated in the request form. The event would  take place on March 12 in room 225 of the Brower Student Center.

Both special appropriations requests were approved. Student Government was funded $3,375 for food, drinks, a DJ, a photo booth and decorations. The ISA was funded $767 for food, drinks and other general supplies.

The base budget review covered funding requests for various events that the Class of 2021 Council has scheduled throughout this semester.

These events include “TCNJ’s Got Talent,” Junior and Senior Nights, the Junior Formal at Camden Aquarium, Goat yoga, among other events. 

The board voted to fully fund “TCNJ’s Got Talent,” which carries a total cost of $1,550. The event would take place on Wednesday, March 25 and “bring together students in a fun way and demonstrate the diverse talents of the college,” as stated in the funding request.

The Junior and Senior Nights were also fully funded, totaling $4,000. The Junior Formal was fully funded $12,300. The goat yoga event, which would be held at an external venue, was fully funded $2,050.

However, the decision on the remaining events was tabled for the next meeting because of the lack of specificity in the request. The events would have been allocated $2,000.


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