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Wednesday September 28th

Campus to tentatively reopen for fall 2020 semester

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By Camille Furst

The College plans to tentatively reopen its campus for the fall 2020 semester, according to President Kathryn Foster in her community-missive sent out on Friday, June 26. The plan includes a hybrid of online and on-campus instruction, with classroom densities greatly reduced.

Housing will be reduced by 38 percent of capacity. Double rooms will be changed into single-occupancy rooms instead. The College has arranged for housing at off-campus hotels in the local area. On-campus dining and student activities will also be greatly altered to comply with social distancing regulations.

The news came after weeks of students waiting in anticipation for a decision. The coronavirus has ripped through America, and many are predicting a second wave of cases in New Jersey. According to Gov. Murphy's daily briefing, the state saw a slight uptick in cases, with 524 new cases on June 25. According to data reported by The New York Times, however, the coronavirus curve in New Jersey has, so far, remained low. But with the unforgiving and unpredictable nature of the virus, Foster said that the plan for the upcoming semester "reflects this moment," and that those plans could change.


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