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Sunday November 28th

SG addresses new business and future initiatives in first meeting

<p><em>The first meeting of the new semester included discussion of the Press PAWS Project and the Lions Lifting Lions fund ( </em></p>

The first meeting of the new semester included discussion of the Press PAWS Project and the Lions Lifting Lions fund (

By Emma Ferschweiler
Staff Writer

Old and new members alike gathered on Sept. 8 for Student Government’s (SG) first meeting of the new semester. The meeting’s agenda included various new orders of business but mainly focused on initiatives planned for the future. 

SG first introduced the Press PAWS Project to the floor which is a committee coordinated with the Office of Student Affairs and SG to combat the stigma of being a perfect student. The initiative is planning a Community Learning Day on Sept. 15 as well as offering peer guidance and other mental awareness forums.

In new business, Vice President for Governmental Affairs biology senior Samhita Narendrula introduced the Autism Awareness Club to the general body. She also presented the nonprofit organization Girls Who Code College Loop which seeks to uplift women in technology and celebrate diversity. Both operations seek inclusivity and awareness on campus.

Nominations for parliamentary positions were taken where multiple students put their names and others in the running. 

Board members summarized the status of every governmental department with one of these accounts regarding the Election Task Force which is in effect for the upcoming SG elections. 

Highlighted through the meeting was an emphasis on transparency and connecting to the community. VP for Administration and Finance public health sophomore Antigone Antonakakis held a Campus Safety Night on Sept. 8, and other members stressed their intent to build community engagement. 

VP for Campus and Community Relations psychology junior Ankita Patil met with the Director of Community Relations in hopes of “working with the off-campus community.” Her department seeks to support the Ewing Community, especially people heavily affected by Covid-19. 

The Lions Lifting Lions fund was started as a way to provide emergency funds for students in unanticipated dire situations. This initiative is now being used to aid those affected by the devastating hurricane that lasted from Aug. 26 to Sept. 4.

Also called the Student Emergency Fund, Lions Lifting Lions was initiated by the Division of Student Affairs and funded by donations from the College community. SG is currently working to bring about this awareness by promoting CARES Referrals. 

These referrals can allow for an individual situation to be looked over by the College and considered for immediate aid or not. By contacting the College’s Division of Student Affairs, one could be directed to a CARES Referral form which allows students to describe their circumstances and possibly receive help. These forms could be submitted by an individual or on the behalf of someone else.

SG provides the form link in its Instagram bio, and more information can be found on the TCNJ Cares website.


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