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Wednesday December 1st

Kombucha girl visits the College for talk show with CUB

(Photo courtesy of Jordan Galan)
(Photo courtesy of Jordan Galan)

By Jordan Galan

“Fear of failure? Get over it.” These were one of the first words spoken by Brittany Broski, better known as famous Tik Tok influencer Kombucha girl, during her talk show with CUB on Monday, Nov. 15 at 8:30 p.m. Everyone in the student center was treated to a bountiful amount of laughs and some “real talk”

When Brittany first stepped onto the stage it was already clear that she owned it with her presence.  

“It was surreal,”  said Mia Deck-Steck, a senior photography major who coordinated the buzzworthy CUB event when asked about her experience conversing with Broski. “She was super down to earth. She’s just a normal person, which is really cool to see because sometimes celebrities can have such a narrow view with millions of people wanting to know them and be their friend, and it's nice to see that the fame didn’t change her.” 

Sometimes fame can corrupt the kindest of souls, but it was clear that Brittany was an exception. She was not afraid to show her true self to the audience, even burping loudly at one point during the show. It was this kind of quirkiness and authenticity that really engaged the audience to what she was saying. 

Brittany’s vivacious personality permeated throughout the whole room as joke after joke she eased the crowd into the show. Her cackle would cause others to cackle until the whole room would be roaring in uncontrollable laughter 

“I really liked how confident she was in herself,” said Selena Eldrige, a freshman accounting major. 

Throughout the whole talk show it was constant laughter and cheers all around. Her long term fans couldn’t have been more ecstatic to see her live and in person right before their very eyes. 

“When people asked questions she would just have a whole conversation with them, and I thought that was pretty cool,” Eldridge said. 

Every time a fan had a new question or comment, Brittany eagerly answered. When one of her fans asked her about how the banjo lessons were going she immediately sparked up and exclaimed: “Oh my god she’s a stand!”

When the night finally came to a close it was evident that the crowd wanted more, but regardless of her departure, Broski’s energy lived on past the show as friends laughed amongst one another when looking back upon the talk show and their experience. 


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