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Wednesday December 1st

What We’re Listening To: ‘Anything Goes’ with Emma Chamberlain

(Photo courtesy of Twitter @AGpodcast)
(Photo courtesy of Twitter @AGpodcast)

By Sara Nigro

“Anything Goes,” the podcast hosted by YouTube personality Emma Chamberlain, has been and continues to be a popular form of entertainment for young people across the globe. The 20-year-old influencer has become well known for her honesty and relatability that she translates to her viewers through her multiple platforms. She gained her following after starting her YouTube channel in May 2017 and since then has branched out to create a series on Instagram Reels, her own coffee brand and her highly-rated podcast “Anything Goes.”

Chamberlain had a previous podcast before the release of “Anything Goes,” which was called “Stupid Genius.” The premise of the show was for Chamberlain to learn about a new topic in time with the listeners. She soon adjusted her content to better suit herself as well as the needs of her audience by redirecting to more personal advice and ‘girl talk.’  “Anything Goes” was first released on Feb. 14, 2020, and introduced an episode titled “welcome to anything goes.”

She includes funny stories and anecdotes told from her daily life as well as her diary entries, never falling short of her true authentic self. Emma Chamberlain has been known to be a “real” influencer who gained her huge following through her vulnerability and honesty. Her ability to not only open up about her struggles with mental health but also promote the well-being and healthy lifestyle tips that she has learned through her experience has made her a fan favorite among Gen Z.

Chamberlain is able to offer a thoughtful reflection on topics ranging from success to burnout to unpopular opinions. It creates a time capsule of sorts as the listener is able to watch as she evolves, ranging from the small habits such as reading and waking up early to the big opinions on the importance of resting to avoid complete burnout. In addition to these seemingly random topics, her advice sessions have been rated highly and continue to be one of the main attractions of her podcast. Using the twitter created for this specific platform, @AGpodcast, Chamberlain asks her followers to send questions asking for advice. 

During the majority of the episode, Chamberlain will review and give her advice to the listeners using her own experiences and understanding of the situation. A personal favorite of mine was an episode in which Chamberlain read past entries from her diary. It was able to create such a vulnerable and open space for the listener, allowing the audience to feel connected and understood. While her experiences are different from those of each listener, there is a sense of understanding that is felt through her storytelling and honest reactions. Listening to her reflect on the way she thought in the past and who she was was so interesting and is a universal experience. Humans constantly evolve and watching another person realize the change and growth in real-time can be a unique and comforting experience. 

A recognized characteristic of podcasts as a whole is their ability to allow the listener to feel less alone. Especially since human interaction has been limited over the last few years due to the pandemic, many turned to podcasts as a form of entertainment that felt natural. Finding a host who can create a comfortable space for the listener is incredibly important in allowing for the listener to have an enjoyable experience. From her advice sessions filled with personal wisdom to her witty jokes about her love life, she always delivers entertaining content without straying from the personality that has gained her success.


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