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Wednesday December 1st

Sara Nigro

(Photo courtesy of Twitter @AGpodcast)

What We’re Listening To: ‘Anything Goes’ with Emma Chamberlain

“Anything Goes,” the podcast hosted by YouTube personality Emma Chamberlain, has been and continues to be a popular form of entertainment for young people across the globe. The 20-year-old influencer has become well known for her honesty and relatability that she translates to her viewers through her multiple platforms. She gained her following after starting her YouTube channel in May 2017 and since then has branched out to create a series on Instagram Reels, her own coffee brand and her highly-rated podcast “Anything Goes.”

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Photo: Photo courtesy of Apple Music

Finneas’ debut album ‘Optimist’ is a skillfully crafted blend of raw emotions

On Friday Oct. 15, Finneas released his first studio album as a solo artist, proving his vocal talents in addition to his well-known songwriting and producing ability. His debut album titled “Optimist” features a total of thirteen songs — each bringing about an individuality that allows the listener to feel the wide range of emotions that he expresses.

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