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Tuesday October 4th

Women’s tennis falls to Wilmington University

The Lions lost to Wilmington University (Julia Duggan / The Signal).
The Lions lost to Wilmington University (Julia Duggan / The Signal).

By Julia Duggan
Staff Writer

The women’s tennis team lost their game against Wilmington University on April 6 which brought the Lions’ record to 7-2. The College won two out of the three doubles matches and one out of the six singles matches, and the overall score of the matchup was 6-3 in favor of the Wildcats.

Due to the rain, the match was played in the College’s Recreation Center. The Rec Center only has three courts, so the singles games were played in two rounds.

This loss ended the Lions’ five-game win streak. Currently, the College is ranked 39th in the league.

Charlotte Roarty was the star for the Lions, winning both matches against the Wildcats. In her doubles match, she was paired with Jenny Landellis, and the pair won 8-6 on no. 1 doubles. Singles no. 1 Roarty won 6-0 and then 6-2. Since Roartry won two out of the three sets, a third set was not played. Roarty won two out of the three points the College scored.

The other point that the Lions scored came from Doubles no. 3. Anusha Rangu and Aira Abalos won their match against Wilmington’s Marley Trifunovic and Valentina Ivankovic. The College won 8-6. 

Out of the other singles games that were played, three were very close.

Morgan Grimie from the College was against Trifunovic. The first game ended in a tie breaker where Trifunovic won the first match, 7-6. The second match Trifunovic won 6-0.

The other singles tennis match that was close for the Lions was Abalos against Neus Ramos Moreno. Moreno won the first set 7-5 and the second set 6-3.

Rangu was paired against Begona Gomar. The first set was not very close with the score being 6-2, but the second set was close with Gomar winning 6-4.

The last doubles match had the Lions’ Alexa Vasile against Ivankovic. Ivankovic won the first set 6-1 and the second set 6-2.

This is the College’s second loss this season. The only other loss the College has this season was against Lafayette College. On Wednesday, April 13, the Lions head to Jersey City to compete against New Jersey City University.


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