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Friday April 19th

Julia Duggan

(Photo courtesy of Julia Duggan)

Student teaching stresses music education majors

For a place known for music echoing in the hallways, the silence in the music building is eerie. While the underclassmen are in the building, they are in lectures so they cannot practice any music. Normally, the upperclassmen can be found in practice rooms in the basement, practicing in the morning, but that is not happening this semester.

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(Photo courtesy of Dr. Jose Bevia)

The music industry through the eyes of a College professor

As the students filed into the musicianship classroom for their twice weekly lecture, they were greeted with the familiar sounds of a jazz piano. Their music theory professor, Dr. Jose Bevia, normally sits at the piano and plays music as the students arrive. Once the piece ends, class begins. This time, the students were unaware of the good news they were about to get.

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