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Saturday February 4th

Women’s tennis headed to semifinals, wins big on senior day

(Photo courtesy of Julia Duggan).
(Photo courtesy of Julia Duggan).

By Julia Duggan
Staff Writer

The Women’s Tennis team won a doubleheader against William Paterson University and Ramapo College on Friday, with both scores 9-0. The wins brought the Lions’ record to 14-2 and increased their win streak to seven straight games.

The wins were even more meaningful to the Lions since it was senior day.

In the first game against William Paterson, all six of the singles games were won by the College.  All of the matches had only two of the three sets played, and all but one of the singles sets were completely shutout. Charlotte Roarty, Aira Abalos, Anusha Rangu, Chase Eisenberg and Morgan Grimmie from the College all had complete shutout matches. Navya Yemula of the Lions completed her first match 6-1 and the second set 6-0.

A similar event happened with the doubles matches, as in all three matches, only one set was played for each. Roarty, Jenny Landells, Abalos, Rangu, Yemula and Eisenberg all won their matches for the Lions 8-0.

After a break from the sun, the Lions went to face Ramapo for the second match of the day.

The College played with the same level of precision as they did in the first game, which caused the box scores to be almost exactly the same between the two games.

For the singles matches, only two out of the three sets were played. Rangu and Eisenberg had two shutout matches, 6-0. Roarty, Abalos, Landells and Yemula had one shutout set and the second all resulted in the same score, 6-1.

In the doubles matches, only one set was played. Roarty, Landells, Rangu, Abalos, Eisenberg and Yemula all had shutout matches with the score being 8-0.

It was a special day for Yemula, as this was her singles debut. She is a freshman on the team and won all four of her matches against the two colleges. Another exciting milestone was reached with junior Rangue— who has now won 75 singles matches and 40 doubles matches in her tennis career. 

On Saturday, the College faced the nationally ranked tennis team from Haverford and won. With these recent wins, the Lions are now heading to the semifinals for the Division III championships for women's tennis. On Wednesday, the College matches up against Rutgers in the semifinal and the championship is scheduled for Saturday.


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