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Monday October 3rd

Campus Town welcomes dessert shop to its lineup

(Photo courtesy of Elizabeth Gladstone/ Photo Editor)
(Photo courtesy of Elizabeth Gladstone/ Photo Editor)

By Dana Corvil

Crepes & Churros D’France has been added as the newest dessert shop in The Shoppes of Campus Town.

Carlo Ramos is the son of the dessert shop’s owner and one of the two general managers, along with Omar Gomez. Ramos commented on the successes the dessert restaurant has had since opening. 

“It’s been crazy since we opened,” Ramos said. “We started very slow, but now it’s kind of busy.”

He attested the slow start to precautions and regulations associated with the timing of the pandemic, but with some restrictions having loosened in recent months, businesses are returning to being fully operational.

Crepes and churros are the obvious calling factor of the restaurant’s namesake, but on their menu, one can also find cannolis, churro chips and beverage options including espressos and teas. 

Gomez shared that the most popular menu item, by far, is the D’France Crepe, which features bananas, strawberries and nutella.

One way that the eatery has been able to combat some of the issues associated with operating a business during a pandemic has been working with GrubHub, a popular third-party delivery service. 

Gomez said that within the next month, the eatery will also be working with DoorDash, another delivery giant, as a way to expand their business even more.

“Before I was able to have a car on campus, and then later moving off campus, I really relied a lot on delivery services, and I’m glad to see more and more places making the option available,”

senior finance major Brandon D’Oleo said.

According to the managers, many of their customers have been students of the College, but a good amount of locals come in as well.

Both Gomez and Ramos agreed that the business has been steady, and only expect growth from this point forward. 

Senior biology major Cajetan Ejianreh said he appreciates the fact that there seems to be a wider variety of options at this restaurant than some other restaurant locations that stick to one niche item.

“We make changes depending on what the customer wants, because sometimes people have allergies, and things like that,” Gomez said. “But for the most part we try to stick to the menu, but we do things special for anybody that wants, no problem.”


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