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Monday October 3rd

Students groove into the school year with CUB Disco Nooner

(Emma Ferschweiler / Staff Writer).
(Emma Ferschweiler / Staff Writer).

By Emma Ferchweiler

Staff Writer

Disco came back to life in the College Union Board’s (CUB) first “nooner” of the year featuring funky music, groovy treats and special mocktails in Brower Student Center room 100 and also on the Sundial Lawn.

Starting outside of Brower Student Center, a tie-dye station allowed bandanas, scrunchies or any other item to be stained with a myriad of colors. Students could also make use of a polaroid photoshoot featuring neon bright balloons to make keepsakes to take home. 

These kinds of events are made possible through CUB volunteers such as Alex Forton, who attended the event. She is a sophomore marketing major who said her favorite part of this nooner was the food and bubbly mocktails. 

“We definitely take into account attendance from last year and we use that to make our events better for the future,” Forton said. “When there’s food involved a lot of people come.”

CUB will be hosting more “nooners” and “late-nighters”, including some which are holiday themed, throughout the semester. Forton said that students will have to stay tuned to see what the organization plans next. Students can stay updated through CUB’s instagram account and various banners posted all over campus. 

“CUB is all about community so we’re trying to bring that community aspect to the College’s students through events like this,” Forton said. “It forces people to go out, meet new people, [and] take part in the College’s student-funded events.”

While all CUB events are a collaborative effort, there was one person in particular who spearheaded this groovy nooner. Sophomore communications major Destinie Nodarse introduced the disco-themed party idea and organized many large components of it. She spoke to the Signal during the event and expressed her happiness with it.

“It’s going great. I could literally cry tears of joy,” Nodarse said. “I was so nervous because this is the first event of the year, [so] it sets the tone for the rest of the year. I’m so happy. I think it's going amazing, and I'm glad everyone's having a good time.”

Nodarse said some activities were inspired by previous coordinators, such as the mocktail bar featured at last year's April Foolner. The main theme, however, came from her favorite room decoration, a mini disco ball. 

Nodarse said she learned a lot from being the lead organizer because it was her first time creating a function like this. She shared the same sentiment Forton did that CUB is a close community. 

“I've learned so much and everyone in CUB has held my hand along the way,” Nodarse said. “The soul [of] CUB is we want everyone to genuinely love being here, feel a sense of community and have a good time.”


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