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Friday March 24th

WTSR and Lions TV host recording studio for local bands and artists

<p>Skylar Pocket (featured) performed at WTSR Underground (Photo courtesy of Jordan Galan / Staff Writer).</p>

Skylar Pocket (featured) performed at WTSR Underground (Photo courtesy of Jordan Galan / Staff Writer).

By Jordan Galan
Staff Writer

WTSR 91.3 FM and Lions TV (LTV) hosted their semi-annual open music event WTSR Underground on Sept. 17 and Sept. 18 in the Kendall Hall TV Studio. 

The event served as an opportunity for new and upcoming bands such as See Plus and Skylar Pocket to showcase their music, as well as broadcast their work to listeners on and off campus. WTSR also conducted interviews with some of the artists, and those interviews can be listened to at their website.

While the studio created a private ambience for its audience, it also allowed bands to record their craft in a comfortable environment. With songs being recorded numerous times, the music event was mainly held to benefit the bands.

“It gives all the local independent artists a chance to feel like they’re Steve Lacey and to have their music be recorded in a more professional setting,” said College alum and former WTSR member Alex D’Amico. “It’s definitely a great way for artists to get a break or at least get their foot in the door to be recognized.”

While some bands are more well known than others, all were welcome to the stage and applauded for their performances. 

For D’Amico, See Plus had been a standout band that had charisma emanating through their music. Their stage presence ultimately being a key element to their performance, leaving D’Amico and other fans eager to listen. 

“They were my favorite band because it wasn’t like a studio section watching them,” D’Amico said. “The band members were interacting with each other; they were going all over the set. It was basically like watching a live show.”

(Elizabeth Gladstone / Photo Editor)

Other artists and bands, including Hallie K, who is also a student at the College and a member of WTSR, and Skylar Pocket, were also able to broadcast their unique tones. The variety of genres ranged from pop to indie to even rock, giving the two-day music event a mixture of musical tastes.  

But behind the bright lights and fresh talent, the partnership between WTSR and LTV was hard work. Between filming, editing and distributing each band’s song selections, WTSR and LTV were able to bask in the enjoyment of watching each band perform. 

“It was really fun to be behind the camera,” said sophomore journalism and professional writing major and LTV Production Coordinator Skye Frawley. “It’s a fast-paced form of camera work, but at the same time I was getting to listen to the bands, which was fun.”

When the flashing lights faded and the event came to a close, band members and fans alike funneled out of Kendall Hall, leaving both leading organizations with the task of spreading the musicians’ songs to their respective broadcasting channels. The works of all the musicians will be uploaded to WTSR and LTV’s youtube channels in an effort to promote the aspiring artists. 

“It’s much more of a recording opportunity for the bands as it has been in the past,” D'Amico said, “but now if the bands really want to, it is an opportunity for the band's fans to come to TCNJ to watch the show happen.”


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