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Thursday December 8th

CUB’s Candy Charcuterie Boards Nooner has a sweet turnout

(Photo courtesy of Isabella Darcy / Staff Writer).
(Photo courtesy of Isabella Darcy / Staff Writer).

By Isabella Darcy


The College Union Board (CUB) hosted a nooner where students made candy charcuterie boards on Tuesday, Sept. 27 at Brower Student Center. 

Attendees headed to a room on the second floor of the Brower Student Center where tables were topped with a vast variety of candy. When attendees entered the event, they could pick up a small platter and fill it with as much candy as they desired. 

“I was kind of in the front of the line, so very quickly it’s like, ‘oh my god there’s so much candy,’” said freshman communications major Michelle Salas Pajuelo.

After attendees finished assembling their candy charcuterie boards, they could have a seat at one of the many round tables that were set up and eat candy while chatting with friends. 

“This is a really fun opportunity in the middle of approaching midterms, such a stressful time,” said freshman electrical engineering major Allison Silver. “It’s so great to have such a fun and stress free activity.”

Alex Forton, a CUB member who helped organize the event said, “our main goal is uniting TCNJ students, uniting that TCNJ community, and I think that doing this forces people to go out of their dorm rooms and get involved and meet new people.”

Music played throughout the event, and the CUB hosts welcomed and thanked everyone for attending. 

“It’s a cool event, it’s kind of reminding me of Halloween when you come back in the house and trade candy with your siblings,” said freshman history and secondary education major Chelsea Berwick. 

It’s not every day that college students get the opportunity to enjoy loads of candy. 

“We haven’t had this much candy since we were kids, so it’s really fun,” said junior nursing major Emily Joseph.

The event even presented new experiences for some attendees. 

Jorge Urbano, a junior mechanical engineering major who grew up in Peru and moved to America a few years ago, had the opportunity to try candies that he had never tried before.  

“He’s never had Fun Dip or WarHeads, so that’s a huge experience,” said junior computer science major Sara Aly, who was with Urbano.

The room was filled with many guests who conversed while they enjoyed their candy. 

“I think it’s going really well,” said Forton during the event. “There’s way more people than I expected.”

CUB hosts numerous events throughout the school year. More information on these events can be found on their Instagram page @tcnjcub. 


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