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Wednesday September 27th

Colleges Against Cancer hosts kickoff event for Relay for Life

(Photo courtesy of Victor Cioni / Contributor).
(Photo courtesy of Victor Cioni / Contributor).

By Victor Cioni

Colleges against Cancer (CAC) held a kickoff event called “Relay For Life” in the Brower Student Center on Nov. 2 to garner support for their cause, raise money and survey the body members of CAC. 

According to senior student Co-Presidents Meghan Ring, a junior elementary education/special education and i-STEM major, and Arielle Goldberg, a junior secondary education/special education and history major, Colleges Against Cancer has already raised $9,000 thus far. 

When asked about what motivated them to be a part of this club, both co-presidents talked about how they had lost or nearly lost family to cancer and found great satisfaction in supporting others who have gone through the same thing, building a community wherein people can rely on one another. 

“Fundraising is important, but providing support comes first,” said Ring. 

Besides the co-presidents, it seems like many other members of CAC and participants in the relay have lost family or friends to cancer. That said, there are just as many who simply want to support the people in their community. To them, that’s more important than even raising the money. 

While the money is going to an excellent cause, helping the individuals and families affected by cancer is far more appreciated by everyone involved.

Sophomore marketing major Sinead Cumiskey and freshman elementary education and psychology major Jenna Carlson both lost relatives to cancer and just wanted to support the cause however they could. 

That said, much like the members of the CAC, not all participants in either this kickoff event or the relay have lost someone important to them. There are plenty of people who are just as willing to jump in and provide their own support for a variety of reasons, namely to support those in their communities who have suffered losses to cancer.

Some students were there to support the cause not because of a personal loss, but to show their support for their communities, as well as to a lesser but not nonexistent extent, getting to participate in the kickoff event, in which the CAC were doing hair tinsel. 

“It’s a great cause and I’m really excited to be involved,” said sophomore English major Madison Flynn. 

After talking with her friends, sophomore interpersonal and strategic communication major Alyssa Hemesy added “We just think it’s a great mission, and everyone should support it.”

CAC is all about supporting the battle against cancer in all sorts of ways, from fundraising to mental/emotional support. In fact, they even have a slogan: A world with more birthdays. Such a simple line that exemplifies what they hope to achieve by contributing however they can. After all, even so much as even a single dollar or some comforting words to someone who needs them can go a long way. 

As Ring said, “Cancer doesn’t stop, but neither will we.”


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