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Friday April 19th

Cop Shop: A month-long summary of campus crimes from October to November

By Emma Ferschweiler
Staff Writer

Student tries to sneak alcohol into Travers Hall — Oct. 1, 2022

On Oct. 1 at approximately 1:12 a.m., a Travers Hall desk assistant heard noises coming from the building stairwell and saw a male student placing alcohol in a green bag accompanied by other students. When they came up to the desk, the CA on duty asked about the bag’s contents because of the preceding events. 

The staff asked for any alcohol to be disposed of in a sink while police were already notified of the situation. When campus police arrived on the scene, the male student became disgruntled and began arguing with Travers staff and officers. Other involved parties were sent to their dorms. 

The disgruntled student refused to leave unless his mother was called to the scene, and she eventually arrived after discourse between the student, Travers staff and campus police. There were no criminal actions pursued, but the student was made to leave campus with his mother. 

Male arrested for harassment of girlfriend — Oct. 8, 2022

On Oct. 8 at approximately 12:05 a.m., a campus officer on foot patrol heard screaming and a loud bang around the campus town center prompting him to investigate. The officer saw a male standing in front of a vehicle, leaning on the car’s hood while saying along the lines of “don’t hit me” and demanding the driver to get out. 

Campus police asked the male to step away and for the female driver to leave the car. The male instantly said the female was drunk while the officer could smell alcohol on him. Both parties were separated, and when talking to the female driver, she said the other individual was visiting from New York because they are dating. 

On the day of this incident, she said she was scared of his behavior and attempted to leave for a friend’s residence. The male began acting uncooperative while the officer was talking to the female by showing his middle finger and making comments such as, “I hit her” and “take me to jail.” 

As the investigation was occurring, the male proceeded to get closer to the female until shoving her to which the officer placed him in a compliance hold, guided him to the ground and placed him under arrest for harassment. The girlfriend did not pursue a restraining order. 

Individual caught masturbating in car — Nov. 8, 2022

Campus police received a report from a female student on Nov. 8 regarding a male masturbating in his car while she was walking in lot 5. The male fitted the description of an earlier event that the same female student reported earlier. 

When she was walking in a Lawrence Township parking lot for a job interview, the student saw a male masturbating in his car while making direct eye contact with her. The vehicle left as soon as she returned from the store with a cashier. 

Student banned from campus town residences arrested by campus police — Nov. 10, 2022

On Nov. 10 at approximately 1:21 p.m., campus police received an anonymous report of a banned male at campus town. The report said a female student gave the person access to the building. Officers arrived on the scene and knocked on the door where the suspected individual was, which was answered by a roommate of the female. 

This roommate described the banned student to the police and also said she heard them arguing earlier. Campus police found that they were familiar with the couple from a separate case. At one point, the female applied for a restraining order on her boyfriend, but it was dropped. 

During the investigation, the police said to the roommate that they saw no ban active for the male. The roommate, however, said there was a letter that stated campus town management barred him from the area. A call to management confirmed this statement to which police knocked on the girlfriend’s door and a female answered. She confirmed the banned person was there when officers saw him reach for the windowsill. 

He was asked what he was looking for and to leave the room. He proceeded to admit that he knew there was a ban in place but was staying for one night and would leave shortly. Campus police then arrested him and during the arrest, he claimed to be racially profiled. The student was handcuffed and put in a patrol vehicle. 

Money and bank information stolen at campus town gym — Nov. 18, 2022

On Nov. 18 at approximately 9 a.m., a male student was leaving the campus town gym when he noticed 30 dollars missing from his wallet. He did not report this discovery to campus police until later when suspicious charges were made on his bank account. The total amount racked up to $698.87. 

The student’s debit card was still in his possession, and when the card was canceled, multiple charges were still attempted throughout the day.


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