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Tuesday February 27th

Campus Fashion: Sophia Alexis

<p>Outfit Pictured: Jacket, vintage. Dress, vintage Delias. Tights, Sheertex. Shoes, Italian Boutique Casuccio Vincenzo. Earrings, Lucky Brand (Photo courtesy of Jessie Bodnar).</p>

Outfit Pictured: Jacket, vintage. Dress, vintage Delias. Tights, Sheertex. Shoes, Italian Boutique Casuccio Vincenzo. Earrings, Lucky Brand (Photo courtesy of Jessie Bodnar).

By Marie Takacs
Features Assistant Editor 

As the younger sister of a College alumna who was featured in the original iteration of The Signal’s fashion column, I've taken to finding the best dressed students to revive the campus style section. On my way to a features section meeting in the very unfashionable halls of Forcina Hall, a pair of red leather pumps caught my eye. The legs attached belonged to Sophia Alexis, a senior psychology major currently interning for the College’s Am I Ok program. 

Bridgewater, NJ. 

What do you think when you’re putting together an outfit?
At the beginning of the week I have an idea of the things I want to wear. When I’ve made up my mind, and the weather is a problem, it is what it is. If it's chilly, I’ll just wear an extra layer. I don’t like deciding not to wear something once I’ve made up my mind.

Where do you like to shop?
I would say my favorite store is Garage. I also thrift a lot of what I own.

What thrift stores do you like to go to?
My favorite thrift store is near my home called Yellow Tag. My younger sibling works there so it's convenient to me because they get things for even cheaper. 2nd Ave. near school is good too.

What’s the best thing you’ve found thrifting?
I got this dress at an estate sale; it’s very fitted because I took it in. I care about it more because it's nicely tailored. I wear it all of the time.

Editor's note: It’s a green crepe sleeveless scoop neck maxi dress with small white flowers.

Do you have a background in sewing?
We had a sewing machine at the house. I grew up making American girl doll clothes. I feel like it’s not that hard, but it's a skill that you have. It really opens up your options with clothing. It gives you the ability to make your wardrobe work for you. I have another little suede dress that I’ve altered too, that makes me think of Twiggy.

Where do you take your inspiration from?
Social media, Pinterest. Right now my favorite person is Ashley @best.dressed (instagram).

What’s your favorite fashion decade?
Maybe the 70’s — my mom was a teenager in the 70’s. I have a couple of her things, a pair of snakeskin boots that were from a boyfriend and a Grateful Dead t-shirt that’s almost in threads.

What is your fashion philosophy?
Don’t be afraid to experiment; do what makes you feel happy. 

What’s something you wear now, that you never thought you would wear?
When I was little I was really opposed to jackets and layering, and now I’ve learned to embrace it. You definitely need to make sure you can live in what you’re wearing.

Best dressed fictional character?
“Pretty Woman” is the first thing that comes to mind (specifically Julia Roberts).

Most prized piece of clothing?
My favorite piece of clothing is this leather jacket (pictured). It's sorta oversized. I’ve had this jacket forever. It’s the only thing I’ve ever purchased on Depop.


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