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Tuesday December 5th

Marie Takacs

Outfit Pictured: Blazer and Skirt, TJ Maxx. Black Crop Tank, Cotton on. Skeleton Sweater, Etsy. Socks, Walmart. Shoes, Vintage Sam and Libby (Photo courtesy of Jessie Bodnar)

Campus Fashion: Kerry Glacken

Interviewed for this edition of campus style was junior history and secondary education major Kerry Glacken, whose Phoebe Bridges inspired style is a refreshing and glamorously dark spin on the classic sorority girl’s wardrobe. Glacken’s self-styled outfit was equal parts model off duty and young professional, which played perfectly into the editorial-esqe photo shoot pictured above. The small details of the outfit, including her copper-colored wire and glass eyeball ring, reflected her sentiments of the weird, unusual, yet fabulous finding a home in her closet. 

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Outfit Pictured: Jacket, vintage. Dress, vintage Delias. Tights, Sheertex. Shoes, Italian Boutique Casuccio Vincenzo. Earrings, Lucky Brand (Photo courtesy of Jessie Bodnar).

Campus Fashion: Sophia Alexis

As the younger sister of a College alumna who was featured in the original iteration of The Signal’s fashion column, I've taken to finding the best dressed students to revive the campus style section. On my way to a features section meeting in the very unfashionable halls of Forcina Hall, a pair of red leather pumps caught my eye. The legs attached belonged to Sophia Alexis, a senior psychology major currently interning for the College’s Am I Ok program. 

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