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Tuesday June 6th

A sneak-peak look at Funival 2023

<p>Members of the College enjoy some relaxation and fun before finals. Photo taken at Funival in spring 2022 (Photo courtesy of Aaron Watson).</p><p><br/><br/><br/></p>

Members of the College enjoy some relaxation and fun before finals. Photo taken at Funival in spring 2022 (Photo courtesy of Aaron Watson).

By Catherine Gonzalez
Staff Writer

On May 5, the College Union Board (CUB) will be hosting Funival from 4 p.m. to 10 p.m. in Lot 12 and on the Sundial Lawn. 

The planning-process for this annual event begins almost a year in advance to ensure its success. 

“We started the process of booking Lot 12, Sundial Lawn and all of our on-campus locations for Funival all the way back in July of 2022,” said Bella Trucco, a senior communication studies major and executive director of CUB. “Though we do some prep work throughout the fall semester, a large bulk of the event-planning starts around Winter Break or January and continues for the rest of the Spring semester.”

Although Funival will begin before all classes are over for the day, attendees will likely not experience much hold-up from entering because there will be multiple different entrances, helping people get admitted into the event more quickly. 

“Because our primary focus is to keep the event as safe as possible, we will have three entry points for Funival to confirm that everyone has a ticket and signed their waiver. One entrance point is by Sundial Lawn and the Brower Student Center (BSC), one is in between BSC and Packer, and one is by Lot 12 & the Rec Center,” Trucco said. “Naturally, lines may form at these entrances as we confirm everyone has a ticket. Typically though, we get attendees coming into the event at a fairly consistent pace throughout the duration of the event, and there is no limit.”

There will be many traditional carnival rides at Funival, including a ferris wheel.

“The rides were definitely my favorite part of Funival last year,” said sophomore visual arts major Livvy D’Iorio. “I went on pretty much all the rides, and they were so fun.”

Attendees who aren’t as fond of rides can also enjoy themselves.

“Last year, we had stilt walkers, professional poets who wrote custom haiku and an airbrush tattoo artist,” Trucco said. “Some of our novelty activities change year-to-year, while some of them we bring back.”

A highlight of this year’s Funival will be the return of Silent Disco.

“It’s the first time we’ve had it for Funival in several years,” Trucco said. “I think it’ll be a great way for a lot of TCNJ students to have a full circle experience: we start our time at TCNJ with Silent Disco at Welcome Week, and end the year [or near graduation time for College seniors]

with Silent Disco at Funival. Having it at both is symbolic, and just as sentimental and reflective as it is carefree and fun.” 

Funival gives all members at the College the opportunity to alleviate some end-of-semester stress.

“What I like about the Funival is that when you’re constantly studying for finals and whatnot, it’s a good breather when you don’t have to worry about it,” said Kristin Alessio, a sophomore business management major.

Many different people contribute to making Funival a memorable experience for all in attendance. 

“This event truly takes a village to put on. There are so many parts of Funival that take so much time, effort, and passion from all different facets of TCNJ. For example, the Athletics Department, the BSC, Student Involvement, CUB volunteers, and even more,” Trucco said. “We are so incredibly grateful for the support our campus and the community gives us….Funival is so powerful, because it unifies the College from the start of the planning process to the end of the event itself.” 


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