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Sunday March 3rd

Campus Fashion: Kerry Glacken

<p>Outfit Pictured: Blazer and Skirt, TJ Maxx. Black Crop Tank, Cotton on. Skeleton Sweater, Etsy. Socks, Walmart. Shoes, Vintage Sam and Libby (Photo courtesy of Jessie Bodnar)</p>

Outfit Pictured: Blazer and Skirt, TJ Maxx. Black Crop Tank, Cotton on. Skeleton Sweater, Etsy. Socks, Walmart. Shoes, Vintage Sam and Libby (Photo courtesy of Jessie Bodnar)

By Marie Takacs

Interviewed for this edition of campus style was junior history and secondary education major Kerry Glacken, whose Phoebe Bridges inspired style is a refreshing and glamorously dark spin on the classic sorority girl’s wardrobe. Glacken’s self-styled outfit was equal parts model off duty and young professional, which played perfectly into the editorial-esqe photo shoot pictured above. The small details of the outfit, including her copper-colored wire and glass eyeball ring, reflected her sentiments of the weird, unusual, yet fabulous finding a home in her closet. 

GLACKEN: Clinton, NJ.

What do you think when you're putting together an outfit? 
GLACKEN: I get inspiration from pinterest or models. I like high fashion. I like Bella Hadid; she’s so sick. I also love the ‘90s models like Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell. I think those girls are so cool. I think for me it's when I see something, and I just start making an outfit around one thing. 

Where do you like to shop?
GLACKEN: Some of my best fashion stuff is thrifted. A lot of my pieces come from thrift stores because I feel like they have a history behind them. I like bringing in old fashion, like I love ‘70s fashion and making it more modern. If I'm looking for a very staple piece of fashion, I will either go to my mom’s closet or to a thrift store. That's where I’ve found some of my stuff that's like, oh my god, that's a good piece.

What thrift stores do you like to go to?
There's one in my town. All the money goes to a food pantry, so it doesn't have a name, it's just Clinton pantry thrift store. I've gone to Goodwill, the one around here (the College) [and] The Red White and Blue — this is where I got those from (shoes pictured) and my leather jacket is from there. I’ve use online thrifts like thread up, it’s  hard because you can’t try it on and see what it looks like 

What’s the best thing you’ve found thrifting?
My red leather jacket. People say it looks like the one from the show “Once Upon a Time” — Emma Swan’s jacket. These shoes (loafers pictured) are also one of my favorite thrifts because I've never really worn loafers. For a long time, people used to wear them in the corporate world. Now, people wear them as a fashion thing. I like blazers too. I also think I'm dressing a little like Hillary Clinton. 

Do you have a background in sewing?
I do have a sewing machine; it’s more a recent thing. I’m definitely wanting to make more of my own clothes. A lot of things I've done with my sewing machine are just altering things so far because it's easier; I want to make something that's mine. 

Where do you take your inspiration from? 
I really like editorial stuff, things that are too weird to wear out in the normal world, you’d only see it in New York or Vogue. I have an eyeball ring. I like things that make people take a second look that's a little funky or weird. 

I love “Gilmore Girls” fashion; it’s so simple, but sometimes I feel like the simpler the outfit the more you can focus on you as a person. I love Lorelai's fashion.

What’s your favorite fashion decade?
My parents always laugh because they’re like, "you look like you're out of the seventies." I used to have really long straight hair. I like the ‘70s a lot; I also really like the ‘90s. I like fashion now, too. People are always trying new things now, but I think there's something more classic about the ‘90s and the ‘70s. 

What is your fashion philosophy?
My whole thing with fashion is that, if it’s something that you like, then you need to remove all the other perspectives or voices around you. If you see something you like, wear it and you wear it for yourself. 

What’s something you wear now that you never thought you would wear?
I am not into skinny jeans. I wear things that are looser or baggier on me, and I think that as a younger girl I always thought that fashion had to be skin tight. 

Best dressed fictional character?
I’m obsessed with “American Horror Story” Coven. I love black — they all wear black — it’s simple but so sleek and conveying. I like this one character, Fiona Good. 

Most prized piece of clothing?
My little skeleton thing (vest pictured). I'm a big Phoebe Bridges fan, so I wear a lot of skeleton stuff. Some of my prized pieces are things that I wear that were my parents. My dad has this big jacket. It looks a little like a varsity jacket, but it’s denim. Whenever I wear it, it reminds me of him. I find comfort in wearing things that my parents once wore.


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