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Sunday May 26th

CUB hosts ‘Stranger Things’ inspired “Upside Down Latenighter” event

Photo courtesy of Brielle Zemer, staff photographer.
Photo courtesy of Brielle Zemer, staff photographer.

By Jack Lomerson

The College Union Board (CUB) kicked off a “Stranger Things” inspired latenighter on Oct. 30 from 7-10 p.m. in BSC 100, which gave students an opportunity to indulge in their favorite 1980s themed activities, such as roller-skating and arcade games.  

“Stranger Things” is a popular science fiction TV show that follows a group of kids growing up in Hawkins, Indiana during the 1980s. The show has elements of supernatural phenomena, government conspiracy and references to pop culture during the time period. “Stranger Things” is known for these references to the 80s, making it an adored series for people of all ages. 

The event also featured lots of free food, such as pizza and a waffle sundae bar for students to enjoy while partaking in CD painting, roller-skating and even some old school Pac-man. Students were able to participate in many free giveaways as well, most notable being the Dustin hat giveaway, which was given out to the first 200 students who entered the event. 

“They put so much effort into these things, and I feel like it’s always worth your time,” said senior biology major Ishika Sheladia. “There’s always something for you to do.” 

The event was planned by two CUB STUD Executive Board members, sophomore communications major Amanda Incalcaterra and sophomore history and secondary education major Zachary Schirtzer. CUB members were staffing and running the entire event, serving pizza and waffles, as well as providing students with roller-skates.  

“Obviously with midterms it lets students have a moment to relax, enjoy a lot of good food and giveaways, and participate in so many good activities,” said Schirtzer. “CUB plays a huge role in trying to give students a good time.”  

The food was the star of the night though, as students were lined up to get their fair share of pizza, candy and most notably, the waffle sundae bar.  

“There’s always so much food and free stuff,” said Amrutha Swaminathan, a senior Biology major. “The quality of the food, it’s not just any food, everything actually tastes good.” 

Half of the room was dedicated to a makeshift roller rink, where students could borrow a pair of skates and test their skills with friends. The other half sported vibrant lights, two arcade machines, the food stations and many banners referencing the hit TV show. 

“We just try to make whatever we think the student body would like, so they can try to have a good time,” says CUB Associate Board member and sophomore biology major Marissa Donohoe. “We have activities like roller-skating here, like when will you be able to do that?”  

The Stranger Things theme seemed to resonate well with the attendees as well, as almost every student could be seen sporting the Dustin hat, one they received from simply just walking into the event.  

“We thought Stranger Things would be such a cool event idea, and a lot of [College] students would like it,” said Schirtzer.  

One student even stated that the theme was one of the major factors in her attendance. “I liked Stranger Things, and I watched it, so I was like why not just go?” said freshman Chelsea Kent, a special education and psychology major. She also commented on CUB’s ability to host events like this latenighter, saying “I like how they always have a lot of events to do.”  

CUB events are always a staple for students on campus, and this Stranger Things themed latenighter was no different. Ishika Sheladia says “When we are at every event for CUB, it’s just always good. So, we always come back.”


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