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Sunday May 26th

Andrew Martinez

“Echo” will be released in 2024 (Photo courtesy of IMDb).

OPINION: Disney’s upcoming ‘Echo’ series has the opportunity to solve one of Marvel's biggest problems

It's no surprise that after the thrilling conclusion to the Infinity Saga that was “Avengers Endgame,” Marvel has taken a decline in interest and viewership from fans. However, this is now arguably worse than ever. Phase Four was a mixed bag of success, with projects like “Spider-Man No Way Home” being a success earning nearly $2 billion dollars and “Wakanda Forever” earning $859 million at the box office, but many other projects struggled — specifically the Disney Plus shows. 

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Cincinnati Bengals QB Joe Burrow (Photo courtesy of All-Pro Reels / Wikipedia Commons).

Takeaways From NFL’s week 9

With the conclusion of the Jets and Chargers on “Monday Night Football,” week nine of the NFL is officially in the books. This week, many heavyweight teams went up against each other, and here are some things we learned about the league going forward.

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(Photo courtesy of Disney +)

‘The Mandalorian’ season 3 was not perfect, but that's OK

Taking the Star Wars fan base by storm, Disney’s “The Mandalorian” was first released in 2019 and since then has become a favorite for many star wars fans. Following Mandalorian Din Djarin and force wielding child Grogu, you see his many adventures in the galaxy, as well as his quest to help other Mandalorians come out of hiding to reclaim their old home world.

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(Photo courtesy of Disney +)

Disney’s ‘Andor’ is a breath of fresh air for ‘Star Wars’ fans

When it was announced during Disney Investor Day in late 2020 that Tony Guillory, who was the co-writer of 2015’s “Rogue One,” would be writing a series centered around Cassian Andor (Diego Luna), one of the lead characters from Disney's “Rogue One,” it certainly wasn’t a highlight for many fans. The show had struggled with getting off the ground and dealing with production issues due to the pandemic, especially with Guillory not being available to direct. Many fans thought this series wouldn’t even come into existence — let alone be anything astounding.

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