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Friday December 8th

Ethan Kaiser


OPINION: How Sweden’s election could affect Europe’s climate policy

If I were to ask you to name a nation where a change in government could have international implications, you may--perhaps rightly--name the United States, Russia, China or any other country that has a prominent standing on the world stage. But what if I told you the same can be said for Sweden? Yes, Sweden. Here is how the Scandinavian nation of 10.4 million people could have widespread effects on European climate policy. 

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(Alessia Contuzzi / The Signal)

OPINION: Putin’s ‘blood and soil’ speech revealed war was never about NATO — a breakdown

In the early morning of Feb. 24, Russian President Vladimir Putin declared war against Ukraine, phrased as a “special military operation.” Just two days before, Putin recognized two breakaway regions in Eastern Ukraine bordering Russia: Donetsk and Luhansk. These two areas have been the sight of civil war, with portions of the two regions under Russian-backed separatist control. But instead of recognizing just the separatist controlled regions as independent republics, Putin opted to recognize the whole region, even those under Ukrainian control, as parts of the “republics.”

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