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Wednesday September 27th

Madison Anidjar

(Photo courtesy of Flickr / “Retro Tube Television” by Jonathan Cutrer / December 5, 2022).

OPINION: Danny Masterson and why I’m leaving ‘That 70’s Show’ behind

I have probably watched ‘That 70’s Show’ five or more times, but I will not be watching it again, or its recent 90’s spinoff. It is just too much. There was never anything progressive about it. Any sexual liberation in the show is wholly on the part of the men. ‘That 70’s Show’ paints a similar rape-culture-enforcing picture that many others do. Women do not really mean it when they say no, getting a woman drunk is the same as getting her consent and a certain amount of misogyny is to be expected from men; all women can do is put up with it.

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