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Friday April 19th

Riley Eisenbeil

While the works of each artist vary in their portrayal of the theme, the group collectively conveys themes of mourning and solidarity. (Photo by Riley Eisenbeil / Staff Writer / “My Beautiful. Wife?” by Maria Kulikovska)

‘TWO YEARS GONE’: amplifying Ukrainian voices through art

The College’s Art Gallery recently unveiled its newest installation entitled “TWO YEARS GONE.” The group exhibition, curated by Dylan Siegel, features pieces from five contemporary Ukrainian artists who, through a variety of mediums, reflect on the psychological and physical stress of the ongoing war in Ukraine as it reaches its two-year mark. 

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Unfortunately in the current climate of social media, almost everything is subject to hate. Only time will tell if fans can look beyond physical appearances and appreciate the musical movie for its ode to both the original film and the Broadway hit, but for now, people will continue to hide behind screens and be outwardly hateful (Photo courtesy of IMDb).

OPINION: Fatphobia remains prominent as the new ‘Mean Girls’ trailer debuts

Paramount Pictures recently released the trailer for its movie adaptation of the 2018 Broadway musical “Mean Girls.” While many fans are excited to see the newest musical-movie rendition of Tina Fey’s original 2004 comedy film, some folks online have voiced harsh criticism towards specific cast members saying they were not what longtime fans expected — to put it lightly. 

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Using the climate crisis as a marketing strategy is proof of just how out of touch celebrities like Kardashian are. She has the privilege to joke about it because the effects of it will not personally impact her — or if they start to, she has the safety blanket of a disposable income. (Photo courtesy of IMDb).

OPINION: Keeping up with the Kardashian’s performative activism

Kim Kardashian strikes again with The Skims Ultimate Nipple Bra — letting her privilege and blindness to real-world issues show. On the brink of Palestine crumbling, stories highlighting marginalized voices being banned and the ongoing climate crisis, celebrities like Kim Kardashian are showing they care more about making money than using their millions, or billions, of dollars to effectively enact change. 

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