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Friday December 8th

Easy doesn't it

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Life is hard. Life's a bitch and then you die. Life gives you lemons. Life is wasted on the living. Don't take life seriously, because you can't get out of it alive.

Fine, good. Life sucks. I get it. I accept it. No big deal. What really infuriates me is the fact that things (people, technology, entities, etc.) designed to make our lives easier actually end up making our lives 10 times harder.

Perhaps this is best illustrated with examples. Here begineth my rant:

Snow days: You may be thinking "school's out," but then comes the catch - it is 10 times harder to accomplish something when there is three feet of snow on the ground.

It's more difficult to get anywhere. It's more difficult to eat. Plus, you still have to do the work that was due the day that class was out. And the snow looks ugly. And it ruins my pants.

ATMs: Instant money? More like instant headache. You can get your money out of these machines if they are working - and at the College, more often than not, they are not working. And, let's face it, ATMs are the banks' favorite way to rip you off. MAC it at the supermarket (heh, heh) and randomly get charged nine dollars. MAC it too much and you owe your bank crazy amounts of money.

ATMs plus three feet of snow.- think about that, people. Think about that and cry.

Automated Phone Operators: These days it's not just 1-800 numbers - every (every, every!) corporate phone line is automated. "If you want to do something that has nothing to do with the reason that you are calling, press one ..." Um, excuse me, I don't want to "press one." I want to talk to a freaking human being! Especially since "pressing one" will not in solve my problem and/or, worse yet, will take me to another automated menu that is equally as useless.

Credit cards: I don't even think that I have to write anything to explain this one.

TESS: Trite, but true. Records and Registration may try to convince you otherwise, but the fact remains - TESS doesn't like you. TESS wants you to get closed out of all of your classes. TESS wants to hide your holds from you until the last possible second that you will have to run across campus in your pajamas to pay off a $200 parking ticket that you didn't even know that you had. TESS has no intention of helping you out. I'd tell you to call ASTRO, but he doesn't care about you either.

Here endeth my rant. Come back next week. By then I will have thought of some more things that bother the hell out of me.


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