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Tuesday February 7th

SG votes to recognize club, passes bill addressing replacement of vacant positions

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Mike Sherr
Staff Writer

Even though members of Student Government (SG) kept their general body meeting short on March 24, they had time to recognize a student organization and pass a bill that would address the appointment process.

The American Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology is a club at the College that, as it says on an official College website, “[raises] interest in biochemistry and raise an interest in biochemistry and molecular biology, and facilitate an environment that allows like-minded undergraduate students to network, socialize, and engage in various STEM activities on and off-campus.”

When the new executive board took charge at the beginning of the spring 2021 semester, they found they were not a recognized student organization.

This year’s board, made up of mostly underclassmen, will prevent this by putting in their constitution that “it is the responsibility of the president and vice president to re-register,” said Anthony Cuccurullo, a sophomore chemistry major and vice president of the society. After some questions and feedback, SG voted to recognize the organization.

SG moved on to consider a bill that would set a date after which there would be no need to appoint someone to replace a vacant position. “Some years, many senators and class council members have stepped down near the end of the semester,” Executive Vice President Bryana O’Keefe said in a previous meeting. “Going through applications and interviewing takes about three weeks.”

Student Government voted to recognize the American Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology club and passed a bill allowing for the ability to not replace members when positions become vacant in this week’s meeting (

The bill would allow SG to leave the position vacant and not have to go through this process if a member steps down a week after the spring add/drop period. The bill quickly passed and SG started to close the meeting.

While the Cabinet was giving their weekly reports, they reminded members that election season was coming up and that anyone running for office for next semester must attend an interest meeting, with the last one scheduled for March 26.


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