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Saturday June 3rd

SG election results and the debates that got us there

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Mike Sherr
Staff Writer

On April 15, students voted using Qualtrics to choose who will represent them in Student Government (SG) in the 2021-22 academic year. Leading up to the election, students spent a week campaigning and SG held two debates for the College community to engage in the process.

At 8 a.m. on April 8, the week dedicated to campaigning started with a wave of Instagram posts and direct messages. Snapchat and Instagram stories were soon full of images and fliers promoting student candidates. With the virtual nature of the spring semester, students have had to find different ways to attract voters.

Ryan Lin, a freshman political science major who ran for sophomore class council president, posted vlog-type videos onto his campaign’s Instagram page. Lin also combined forces with four other students who together created a ticket that covers all of the sophomore class council positions.

Justin Drayton, a freshman political science major who also ran for sophomore class council, posted a flier on Instagram with a picture of himself wearing a pumpkin costume, to differentiate himself from other campaigns and entice students to vote for him.

Many other students allowed members of the community to ask them questions through the Instagram story response function and responded to them directly. Nicollette Simons, the alternate student trustee, reported in the weekly general body meeting that campaigning has mostly been positive and professional.

For the cabinet positions that had serious competition, Simons held two debates for the community to attend and understand the candidates.

The first debate held on April 12 was between the candidates for vice president for student services, vice president for diversity, equity and inclusion and vice president for campus and community relations.

Hafsah Shaik, a sophomore psychology major who ran for vice president of diversity, equity and inclusion, commented that she hopes to create microaggression and anti-bias training for professors. “It needs to be more widespread,” Shaik said during the debate. “It also works the other way; students can be biased against professors of color and professors who are immigrants.” Shaik hopes to integrate this training into the curriculum since holding events may not reach the people who need it most.

Santiago Salinas, a sophomore public health major who ran for the same position, focused on how he will work with other student organizations including Best Buddy and the Bonner Institute to “expand their vision and goal of addressing diversity through my position.”

During the second debate on April 13, students heard from those who ran for executive president, executive vice president and vice president for governmental affairs.

The second night of debates featured discussions between the candidates running for executive president, executive vice president and vice president for governmental affairs (Photo courtesy of Student Government).

Roshni Raji, a junior international relations major who ran for the executive president position, used this time to comment on stigma around SG. “I think SG sometimes tends to be disengaged from the student body, so my priority would be to empower and amplify student voices in everything we do.”

The other candidate for executive president, Cristhofer Moreira, a junior public health and communication studies major, gave a similar sentiment saying “students are one of the biggest stakeholders the College has, and I aim to provide students with a comprehensive understanding on how SG implements inclusive practices for leaders.”

Voting started at 8 a.m. and students that ended the night with a victory will be sworn in at the General Body meeting on April 28.

The results of the election can be seen below.


Executive President: Roshni Raji

Executive Vice President: Dylan Chidick

Vice President for Academic Affairs: Alekhya Madiraju

Vice President for Administration and Finance: Antigone Antonakakis

Vice President for Advancement: Alisha Srivastava

Vice President for Campus and Community: Ankita Patil

Vice President for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: Hafash Shaik

Vice President for Governmental Affairs: Samhita Narendrula

Vice President for Student Services: Aamore Richards

Alternate Student Trustee: Nigel Pacheco

Senior Class Council

President: Harish Rajagopal

Vice President of Operations: Mahjustice Murphy

Vice President of Public Relations: Eugene Kim

Secretary: Muskanjot (Muskan) Kaur

Treasurer: Stella Shong

Junior Class Council

President: Michael Paolella

Vice President of Operations: Mariama Sillah

Vice President of Public Relations: Amanda Sangalli

Secretary: Janelyn Rodriguez

Treasurer: Christell Noel

Sophomore Class Council

President: Justin Drayton

Vice President of Operations: Jaison Hiltner

Vice President of Public Relations: Isabella Liguori

Secretary: Noelle Halikman

Treasurer: Abigail Duff

Senator of Arts & Communication

Peter Corso

Alexa Giacoio

Kelly Tucker

Senator of Business

Ebuka Egwuonwu

Alea Ferrigno

Felix Lopez

Matthew Mancuso

Sherley Nunez

Ananya Samanthula

Kaleb Yuen

Senators of Education

Alyssa Caruso

Katherine De Oliveira

Benjamin Rogoff

Hailey Weinstein

Senator of Engineering

Samuel Akinlolu

Deana Lucas

Grace Palahnuk

Taniya Sood

Senator of Humanities and Social Science

Matthew Cort

Jan Egan

Kiara Fernandez

Samreen Khateeb

Elika Mohebbi

Samridhi Sawhney

Yuliia Sul

Senator of Nursing, Health, and Exercise Science

Christina Rubulotta

Vanshi Shah

Senator of Science

Lana Abdelmohsen

Robert King

Zion Lee

Yashvi Verma


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