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Friday March 24th

Cop Shop: Student harasses Wolfe Hall community advisor

<p>Cop Shop at The College of New Jersey</p>

Cop Shop at The College of New Jersey

By Victoria Gladstone 
Managing Editor 

The Signal and Campus Police work together on a weekly basis to inform the campus community about crime around campus. All records are public record but do not contain personal information. Some information provided may be triggering for some students. 

Drunken student detained after getting into physical altercation with community advisor

A student has been charged with assault and harassment after drunkenly attempting to fight with the College’s staff at the front desk of Wolfe Hall in the early morning of Feb. 12. 

The overly intoxicated student was detained in handcuffs after yelling intelligibly in an irate manner and getting into a physical altercation with a community advisor. 

The student was escorted to a Campus Police processing room and began vomiting a considerable amount of fluid.

Student attempted to solicit prostitute, scammed out of money

A student reported three separate thefts through online transactions after attempting to solicit a prostitute using a scam website on March 2. 

After sending pictures of their state issued identification card and paying the alleged prostitute through Zelle, it was revealed that the scammer was not who they said they were. 

The student began to receive threatening messages from another phone number claiming to have connections with Mexican Cartels. 

The student was advised to get a new debit card and freeze their credit card.


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