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Saturday June 15th

OPINION: TikTok trends brought back the freedom of girlhood

<p>(Photo courtesy <a href="" target="">Flickr</a> / “TikTok” by Alachua County / March 6, 2023).</p><p><br/><br/></p><p></p>

(Photo courtesy Flickr / “TikTok” by Alachua County / March 6, 2023).

By Ally Uhlendorf

News Editor

Ever since the release of “Barbie” in July 2023, the idea of “girlhood” and the glamorization of being a woman has been prevalent on all social media platforms, especially TikTok. With trends ranging from “hot girl walks” to “get ready with me” videos to simple edits of moments with girlfriends, the rise of womanhood has created a new, positive wave on the internet. 

One trend that took the platform by storm this summer was creating a montage of “girlhood” moments to the song featured in the film, “What Was I Made For?” by Billie Eilish. Originally started by @waitingmirrorball on TikTok, the sound used for the trend now has over 287,000 videos under it. This trend gave users the creative freedom to express their “girliness” and celebrate the range of girlhood and what that means to them. 

Everyday activities, even as small as eating dinner (trending as “girl dinner”), have been tagged with the #girl and taken over the platform. Women worldwide are posting their daily tasks and adventures, and putting a romanticized spin on it. 

Channeling inner girlhood is a liberating feeling. Bringing back the excitement of being younger and being brought back to a simpler time eases the stress of growing up. Reminiscing on a time in our lives with more freedom and endless possibilities, and remembering what we used to dream of and how those experiences crafted the women we are now. Mentally returning to a period of our lives without the restrictions of societal expectations brings a sense of inner peace and temporarily mutes all of the outside pressures of being a woman in today’s world. 

Romanticizing the moments in life that bring back the beauty of girlhood, such as going out to dinner with friends or simply getting ready and doing makeup, unlocks a healing sensation. As simple as these trends may be, the overarching idea behind each 15-second video is so much more meaningful than it may seem.

In a world where girls are often forced to grow up too soon, these trends revived the simple joy of girlhood. 

Growing up is one of the most challenging aspects of life to adapt to, especially as a college student. Being away from home presents a new opportunity, which can both be exhilarating and terrifying. Now, with trends in the palms of our hands that have opened the door to revisit the passion and hope of childhood, there is a sense of comfort surrounding us as we scroll through these videos. 

There is also an immense sense of unity between all women everywhere since the rise of “girlhood” content. These viral trends brought an unironic celebration of femininity to the surface. Women are constantly bringing endless support to each other, whether that is through the comment section or in real life. Even the most simple of compliments, such as “I love your outfit!”, have brought such a loving tone to the platform. 

Thanks to content creators, and most importantly, Greta Gerwig, we have reached peak girlhood – and I could not be happier.


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