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Saturday June 15th

Kappa Delta misses recruitment season due to suspension

Kappa Delta was nationally founded in 1897, and was installed at the College in 1991. (Photo courtesy of Shane Gillespie / Photo Editor)
Kappa Delta was nationally founded in 1897, and was installed at the College in 1991. (Photo courtesy of Shane Gillespie / Photo Editor)

By Ally Uhlendorf
News Editor

As the fall recruitment season kicks off at the College, one sorority will be conspicuously absent from the regular proceedings. Kappa Delta has been suspended for the entire upcoming fall and spring recruitment seasons due to alleged violations and hazing. While eager freshmen and potential new members arrive on campus in search of their ideal sisterhood, they are met with the absence of Kappa Delta's presence on campus due to a 12-month suspension from recruitment and activities. 

On Feb. 22, the National Office of Kappa Delta received hazing and alcohol violation allegations relating to the Zeta Theta chapter of Kappa Delta at the College. On May 10, Kappa Delta National Headquarters placed the Zeta Theta Chapter on National Probation Status, which includes a full suspension of activities for a minimum of 12 months. The chapter and its members are prohibited from holding/participating in any activities and events.

“The chapter and/or members are prohibited from holding or participating in any activities, including but not limited to chapter meetings, council meetings, social events, continuous open bidding, primary recruitment, new member activities, service activities, philanthropy events, or rituals,” according to the College’s official Greek Life Instagram page. 

The College’s Office of Student Life, Office of Student Conduct & Off-Campus Services College and Kappa Delta’s National Office staff conducted investigations, during which the chapter on campus was given a cease and desist by the College for all new member-related activities. The national organization also placed a restrictive status on the chapter while the investigations were in process. 

“[The College] simultaneously conducted their own investigation of the organization in response to the hazing allegation. At the conclusion of the conduct process, the chapter took responsibility for the charges against them, and [the College] placed them on probation effective May 10, 2023, through May 15, 2026,” Aimee Wardle, assistant director of fraternity and sorority life at the College said. 

The probation places “the recognized student organization on notice that any further violation of College policy during the specified period of time may result in more serious sanctions including suspension or revocation of recognition,” according to the Recognized Student Organization Privileges and Responsibilities.

“Kappa Delta members are expected to treat each other with dignity and respect, and the chapter’s actions ran directly counter to that, putting member safety at risk,” said Heather Matthews, Director of Marketing and Communications at Kappa Delta National Headquarters. 

The sorority also received educational sanctions in addition to the probation, which will need to be completed by specific deadlines in order for the probation status to be lifted after the timeline has elapsed. 

“For fraternities and sororities, the College usually works with the national organization to utilize the same or similar sanctions or to incorporate sanctions from the national organization into what [the College] includes so expectations for the students and chapter are clear,” Wardle said. “Specifically for Kappa Delta, the national organization placed the chapter on a national probation status, with a full suspension of activities for a minimum of 12 months.” 

Per the suspension of activities, Kappa Delta will not be active for the 2023-2024 academic year, meaning they will not participate in the upcoming spring 2024 recruitment. 

“We are always deeply disheartened when we must take this step, but when a chapter is not committed to providing a safe environment and members fail to uphold the values and expectations of the Sorority, it is necessary,” Matthews said. 

Members of the Zeta Theta Chapter have repeatedly denied requests for a comment. 

During the probationary period, if the organization does not follow the restrictions and guidelines, it may result in suspension or expulsion from the campus. 

“Any further violations of College policy could result in the chapter facing further sanctions, including suspension or revocation of the organization on campus. Individual members could also face sanctions or consequences if they violate College policy as well,” Wardle said.


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