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Saturday June 15th


Campus Town has several options for students to grab a bite, socialize or study with friends (Photo courtesy of Elizabeth Gladstone / Multimedia Coordinator).

Campus Town guide

By Briana KeenanStaff Writer As classes have started again, students at the College have returned to Campus Town to use their Campus Town dollars on ...

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(Photo courtesy of Elizabeth Gladstone / Multimedia Coordinator)

Student finance board creates new guidelines

It’s a new year, which means new guidelines from the one and only Student Finance Board (SFB). Registered student organizations should be made aware of these new changes because it directly affects them. Some of these changes are in regards to food, travel, celebrations, retreats, sanctions and randomized audits. 

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Cristina Henríquez, author of “The Book of Unknown Americans,” delivers keynote address to the class of 2027 as part of the Summer Reading Program (Photo courtesy of Shane Gillespie/ Photo Editor).

The 2023 Summer Reading Program sparks discussion about the immigrant experience among first-year students

Between convocation and being introduced to their academic departments, the class of 2027 and transfer students finished their summer reading requirement by attending the keynote address delivered by author Cristina Henríquez at Kendall Hall. The summer reading program serves to unite incoming students under a certain theme that encourages them to think critically and interact with their peers. 

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