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Tuesday May 30th


(Photo courtesy of IMDb)

OPINION: A Debate of the Ethics of True Crime

There have always been debates about the ethics of the true crime genre, such as whether it is appropriate to talk about certain cases. Since the release of “Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story” on Netflix, this discussion has become much more widespread.

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(Photo courtesy of Pexels/ “United States Capitol” by Ramaz Bluashvili)

OPINION: American democracy: Why it is under threat, what we can do to save it

Democracy, by nature, has been and always will be fragile, seemingly ready to break at any moment. The same foundation of democracy that results in its fragility is what makes this system  the fairest and most just form of government. What I’m talking about is freedom. The freedom to be who you want to be, to achieve the things you set your mind to, and to have control over your own life and the legislation that affects your life. 

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